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Lawkeeper Kagero Deck Profile

So I’m going to be covering the Lawkeeper Kagero deck that I ran in the tournament this weekend.  I really enjoy this deck as it allows for some really decent control and really big rows.  SO, here’s the decklist that I ran.

Grade 0

1 x Lizard Soldier, Conroe (Starter) 
2 x Blue Ray Dracokid (Critical)
1 x Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa (Critical)
4 x Embodiment of Spear, Tahr (Critical)
4 x Gatling Claw Dragon (Draw)
1 x Dragon Dance, Monica (Draw)
4 x Dragon Monk, Genjo (Heal)

Grade 1

4 x Wyvern Guard, Barri
4 x Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara
4 x Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
3 x Dragon Monk, Gojo

Grade 2

4 x Dragon Knight, Nehalem
3 x Cross Shot Garp
3 x Beserk Dragon

Grade 3

4 x Dragonic Lawkeeper
4 x Dual Axe Archdragon

So as you can see from the build, I play a much more offensive oriented build, aiming to hit hard and fast.  Conroe is a really strong vanguard, allowing you to search for any booster you need at the time.  This means that I could grab Gojo if I’m gradestuck, Bahr to start setting up those 21k rows, or even Barri if I have enough boosters in hand and need to start setting up some defence.  I like 5 draw 7 crit in decks that just don’t generate their own advantage.  Kagero is a very good example of this as there are very very few +1’s in the deck in general.  This means you need to generate that advantage using draw and I just find that running 4 draw is just too little.

The grade 1 line-up is pretty standard for a Lawkeeper deck, with only a couple things that could be considered out of place.  I run 4 Kimnara and 3 Gojo for some pretty simple reasons.  When the game is just starting and no one has a field set up yet, Kimnara really shines.  He lets me snipe a booster or 2, brining my opponent down to 2 rearguards.  This is very important because both Lawkeeper and Dual Axe Archdragon get +3000 attack when your opponent has 2 or less rearguards.  This means that without using Lawkeeper’s skill, I have already forced my opponent to suffer constant 20k+ attacks, making him guard for more then he would want to in the early game OR net me sand and playing them in the rearguard is pretty useless.  I like to use my Conroe to search out Bahr most of the time, so running 3 Gojo means fast early damage.  The 3 Gojo is to help me if I draw too many copies of Lawkeeper, as anything past 1 is really dead weight in your hands I usually draw it pretty early on.

I only run 10 rank 2’s because of my Archdragons.  I’ve found lately that if I am mainly going on the offensive using my grade 3’s, I don’t like running as many grade 2’s, as it takes away from my possible booster line-up.  Grade 3’s are pretty permanent and if they are attacked, you basically just turned it into a free shield anyway.  I have only been grade stuck once at grade 1, so I have yet to see a reason to change it.  3 Berserk Dragon really allow me to draw it when I want to use it’s effect.  At 2 I just find I don’t draw it when I need it and at 4, I just find that it’s just a normal 9k vanilla most of the time, as using his effect more then once is probably a little too counterblast heavy.

Now for the stars of the show, Dragonic Lawkeeper.  For those that don’t know his effect it’s Limit Break 4, Counterblast 1 : Bind all of your opponents rearguards and at the end of turn, your opponent chooses 4 and places them back on the rearguard circles.  This is a very strong effect if used properly and with the correct rows.  Something to remember is that binding involves putting the cards to the bind zone, an area off the field.  This means that for that turn, the opponent is considered to have 0 rearguards, giving Lawkeeper and Archdragon their power boosts.  However, you need to use this effect with caution, as it can lead to your opponent setting themselves up into a more ideal position.  You see how they get to place them back to the rearguard?  That means that they get to restructure their rows however they see fit as well as activating any “on placement” effects.  As an example, in one game I played my opponent had 2 front row rearguards and a booster behind 1 of the rearguards.  I was about to activate Limit Break as I had an ideal setup and could have swung for 21k with each row.  However, this would have allowed the player to move his lone booster behind his vanguard, not allowing me to 1 card guard it anymore.  This would have been a massive misplay on my part and given some control of the game back to the player.  If used right, Dragonic Lawkeeper can give you an aspect of control in your games, and give your rearguards a massive boost.

All in all this is a very fun deck that provides some interesting forms of control.  The basic Kagero mechanics really shine in the deck, providing Lawkeeper ways to force your opponent to play out of bad situations and guard against constant large attacks.  This makes the deck a very strong and annoying one to compete against when it’s in the hands of a competent player.  Overall Kagero continues to show why it is considered to be one of the strongest clans.


3 thoughts on “Lawkeeper Kagero Deck Profile

  1. Great deck but i need a bit of help because i cant get hold of any archdragons and i only have one lawkeeper plus one the end so any sugestions?

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