October 13th, 2012 Tournament

My girlfriend and I entered the tournament.  We were both playing decks that we had never played before and were looking forward to seeing how they would run.  I would have to say that this was one of our more strong showings at the tournament, as usually it ends with me coming 1st / 2nd and her maybe placing.  It seems she took to her deck strongly and shes looking very forward to running it next week.  I played Lawkeeper Kagero and she played Soulless OTT.  I usually play a different deck every tournament and have yet to play the same deck twice.  However, every build of Kagero I have run has always gone badly for me, for whatever reason.  Knowing that I just hoped for the best and planned to play the best I could.

Round 1

First round was pretty unremarkable.  I played against a Dark Irregulars player who had yet to finish his deck and instead had a mishmash.  Although unremarkable, he did double crit me to take one game.  I had chosen not to guard it since I was at 3 damage and he was hitting with Amon for 35k.  I then took the next 2 in pretty quick fashion.

Result : 2-1 Win

Round 2

Second round was against a Soulless OTT deck.  The player had never played it before, ever, contributing heavily to his loss.  He gained massive card advantage, but being new to the deck, made alot of misplays that costed him dearly.  One such misplay was putting Psychic bird into the soul to give him his FIRST soul, as well as putting it into the soul while he was at grade 1.  This cut-off multiple Coco plays, costing him the additional card advantage he could have gained.  Soulless OTT being what it is though, the card advantage he did gain managed to wrest him 1 game from me.  However, the pressure I gained from multiple Archdragons and Lawkeeper limit breaks were just too much for him to be able to last.

Result: 2-1 Win

Round 3

And here we are, I was matched up with my girlfriend.  We practice together all the time and she has gotten much better over the months.  This was the first card game she’s played EVER and she’s gotten to the point that she puts alot of pressure on me.  I was a little worried going into this match.  Game 1 was incredibly quick.  I started with an amazing hand and was able to play Lawkeeper with double archdragon triple Bahr, meaning I was swinging for 21k on each row.  I also double triggered making my rows stupidly big and forcing her to drop almost her full hand just to live.  It ended on the next turn.

Game 2 was a much different story.  She was able to play Coco combo 3 times, giving her a very literally overwhelming card advantage.  She drew a total of 11 cards from plays involving her Coco.  My Lawkeeper and Archdragon rows were able to keep it in check somewhat, but she just overwhelmed me, not allowing me any type of advantage and keeping the game under her control.

Game 3 was the closest by far.  She was able to get her combos fairly consistently.  However, some bad trigger/damage checks really screwed up her game.  I think she checked like 2 triggers on her drives and none on her damage.  If she had, the result may have been entirely different.  As it stood, I was able to take the game due to the 21k rows overwhelming her.

Result: 2-1 Win

Round 4

This was the finals of our tourney.  It actually ended up as a mirror match of Lawkeeper Kagero.  The unfortunate thing is the player had yet to get his hands on a 4th Lawkeeper, causing his deck to be a little less consistent, which actually lost him game 2.  In game 1, we both had great games and did really well.  However, I double damage checked draw triggers on a crit and never let go of that advantage.  Game 2, he was forced to ride his Archdragon.  This meant he wasn’t able to limit break to get to the numbers that Lawkeeper Kagero likes.  This meant I really just bullied him until he was forced to take the final damage.

Result : 2-0


Overall it was a fun tournament.  We are seeing more and more players coming and it’s allowing for some better competition.  As it stands right now though, there are a few players there that are still basically learning, but we are trying to help them.  I am very happy that my girlfriend and I were able to grab 1st and 2nd place.  After tie breakers, she placed second.  Hopefully next week I can have a more thorough account of events.


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