Extra Life for Charity 2012

This weekend I was not able to make it to my local tournament. This was due to the fact that I was taking part in the Extra Life event. Extra Life is when you play games for 24 hours straight for charity. I always set some sort of challenge for myself at these events, as playing any game I want is usually too easy on people. Last year I did 24 hours of League of Legends ranked. That was hilarious I won’t lie. You could see me degrade over time as I went from last hitting everything, to playing tank characters like Cho’gath. I live streamed the thing and had audio, so I was tower diving low health champions while yelling “Rawr I’m a dinosaur.” I had an audience in the event and they were all laughing as I played. I believe that was around hour 19. Anyways, I will be doing a deck profile, but there will be no tournament report this week I’m afraid.


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