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Emperor Dudley Spike Brothers Deck Profile

This deck has served me very well in the past, winning me 2 tournaments so far.  This past weekend was frustrating because of that.  Well, no need to dwell on it.  Basically, this deck thrives on early game pressure.  You can actually very easily get your opponent to 3 or 4 damage before they ride to grade 3.  Here’s the deck list:
Grade 0
1 x Mecha Trainer
4 x Silence Joker
4 x Sonic Breaker
4 x Cheerful Lynx
4 x Cheer Girl, Tiara

Grade 1
4 x Cheer Girl, Marilyn
4 x Medical Manager
4 x Wonder Boy
3 x Reckless Express

Grade 2
4 x Field Driller
3 x Highspeed Brakki
3 x Panzer Gale

Grade 3
4 x Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor
4 x Juggernaut Maximum


This deck really likes to attack hard and fast. The earlier damage you stack up the better. Riding Cheer Girl, Marilyn first is actually no issue, as the 4 perfect guards are in here just so you’ll have one when you need it. The trigger line-up is very basic, 8 critical and 4 draws. This is really the only option for your trigger line-up, as running stands is completely counter productive in the deck. You don’t want that kind of prior setup in Spike Brothers.

The Grade 1 line-up is again, very basic. The Medical Managers allow for you to use the effects of Juggernaut, Brakki, and Reckless multiple times before you are at Final Turn. Wonder Boy allows your vanguard to hit that all important 21k, allowing you to hit the vanguard and force large guards from your opponent. Reckless Express is in the deck just in case you want to go for final turn and you don’t have Brakki or Juggernaut on the field.

I love the Grade 2 line-up in this deck, it is actually extremely easy to make. Running 4 Field Drillers is because you definitely want to ride him as your Vanguard. It allows you to draw 1 with high consistency, as your opponent will very rarely want to guard for 15k at Grade 2. Panzer Gale is also an easy choice, as you don’t want anything static on the field and superior intercepts allow for advantage while avoiding a static field. Brakki is, again, an easy choice as it allows the final turn.

So, for the star of the show, Dudley Emperor. He has probably one of the strongest yet most balanced Limit Break out right now. He allows you to counterblast 2, put 2 to soul from your hand when he attacks and superior call 2 units from your deck to open circles. This is very strong as you can go double Juggernaut attack, Dudley attack, Limit Break, call 2 Juggernaut. You can basically guarantee game if your opponent is at 5 damage unless they have massive card advantage on you.

I really do enjoy this deck. It’s cheap, strong, and very aggressive. You can win games without ever even needing to guard your opponents attacks. It is very likely one of the strongest decks out right now and honestly, I am very surprised we haven’t seen it topping more.


5 thoughts on “Emperor Dudley Spike Brothers Deck Profile

  1. I run spike bros and hell yeah they’re awesome. I started like everyone else running 8 crits but later on i realized how good are the stand trigger for the spike bros. You will almost always want to keep 2 or 3 attacked per turn, u play with big boys u want to be agressive right? so stands wont be a dead trigger, and later in the game when you limit break theres when stand trigger shines, lets put this escenario:
    Juger Dudley Brakki
    anything 5k+ wonder boy anything 5k+
    (You actually dont need that many g1, even trigger can boost spike bros)
    if i have stand trigger i could possibly make first 16k with jugger, then 22k max with brakki (boosted by wonder) then vg 21k limit break, get a stand trigger so i can stand brakki booster and boost again, that makes another 21k+ atk and the other 21k+ atk with 2 jugger so u can make 5 atks: 16k, 21k+,21k,21k+,21k+ a lot better than getting, is like having 2 trigger in only 1 check they wont survive :)…
    anyways cool deck 😉

    • The problem I have with stand triggers is they require prior commitment to be used properly. Let’s say I’m going for final turn, when I attack, I will obviously attack with my rearguards first. However, since my limit break brings Maximum to the field standing, a stand trigger doesn’t effect him. This means I need to “commit” to the stand trigger by boosting Maximum on the first attack, rather than saving it for my 4th and 5th attacks. That means that if my opponent is at 4 damage, and gets a trigger for his 5th damage, he is able to guard the 4th and 5th attacks very easily, especially if my prior commitment isn’t rewarded by a stand trigger. The idea of running crit trigger is it actually makes the deck more consistent in it’s endgame, as you can plan far enough ahead, and not hope for a trigger to make your final turn viable.

      • I really think theyre are more pluses than cons with stand, youll will get them early game too when youre opp well be forced to guard to not get too much damage early game and thats pretty good, and u wont always have 2 jugger in front row u could end up with recklees express who really could use of the booster to get high numbers, critical triggers makes you predictable, also u can use them when u dont want to use the soulblast with your units and hit hard or hit boosted and then stand and soulblast for another hard atk. Also stand trigger to Zachary or Field driller makes pressure. i really think stand triggers are far underrated for almost any clan, expect i would say Vermillion who needs atk first and decks like pellionere or tachikazes decks where u atk with something then remove somehow and then vg atk so u have nothing to stand.
        My deck is like this 😛
        Grade 0 : The same with 4 stand instead of 4 crits ( 4 – 4 – 4 – 4 )
        Grade 1 : 3 Marilyn (4 i think is way too much, i think 3 is too much)
        4 Wonder 3 Medical 3 Reckless
        Grade 2 : 2 Panzer, works pretty well
        2 MVP Panter 2 Brakki 4 Zachary (hes awesome) 2 Field Driller
        Grade 3 : 4 Dudley 4 Jugger. I tried skydiver and i like him but i like zachary better so i putted more g2 😛 (17 – 13 – 12 – 8, u really dont need that much grade 1 i usually use trigger for boost cause i want my 3 columns hit strong early as possible)

        I 100% recommend the deck works awesome for me, Always when im hating vanguard with my other decks cause i get awful hands or whatever i use my old spike bros and kick some ass 🙂

  2. Rather than rushing and aggro, Dudley emperor is made to play a HARD endgame. While there are other spike bros builds that would benefit more from stands, like sky diver who can keep pressuring with his annoying skill to call more sky divers and keep pounding away, In a dudley deck your VG will be the last to attack once that LB4 is reached, rendering stands not as useful as crits. WHY? Because if your opponent perfect guards dudley, you just superior called two units to get in fresh attacks (most likely juggernauts or brakkis) And can pass the critical trigger to them. What does this mean? It means you can have a nasty jugg with 16k power and crit 2, and then if you decide to soulblast with it, 21k crit 2, which is good because 11k VG’s will rage. AND if you did not boost your original two rear guards that got shuffled back into the deck, you can have a 21k + boost jugg. even crossrides will cringe at this.that’s 5 atks a turn.

    And if your opponent somehow manages to make it through that, you can have another 5 attacks next turn with another LB most people won’t last through the high rear-guard atk power and possible passing on crits to them if they perfect-guard your dudley. The key point is to try to NOT use your brakki/jugg soulblast with the freshly superior called ones. That way you can use them to distract your opponent and make them attack those units, therefore wasting their attacks and making it easier to guard yourself when at 4-5 damage
    if you’re using panzer gale like here, i your original atkers weren’ boosted, it might be good to get one of those since you could replace your jugg with a gale, and this gives you a nice +10k shield for guarding next turn.

    also, my deck build is similar to this, except I use Thermidor as my starting vg. Why? Because with his skill, I can choose to return whatever unit it boosts back to be deck. This helps me clear my field for dudley’s LB. It’s a useful combination as I an send back vanilla cards like wonder boy and black panther, AND no counterblast required.

    I also run 3 dudley emperor, three bad end dragger, and two juggs. since my juggs are probably going to get shuffle back in and brakki still easily covers for a nice superior call since it can intercept.

    • Thank you for the feedback, but you need to remember that this site is for English Meta only, as well as the fact that that deck profile is before set 5 had even been released.

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