October 27th, 2012 Tournament

This day… it was actually pretty incredible.  Every player at the tournament was grade stuck at some point during every one of their matches.  I don’t know what caused it but I do know that it was my worst showing in awhile.  I personally was grade stuck at 2 for 3 of my 4 matches, causing my loss in 2 of them.  I don’t blame the deck, I just wasn’t having a good day I guess.  Glad it wasn’t qualifiers or something.  Overall it was just an okay day.  With all the grade stucks it really put a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.  No one really felt like they had had a good game whether they won or lost.  But lets get into the matches.  As promised in the poll, I played the deck that got the most votes by the end of that week.  This time, it was Spike Brothers and Angel Feathers with a tie, so I flipped a coin and played Spike Brothers.  Next time the poll goes up, Spike Brothers will not be an option.  Should be interesting to see what the last deck left is.

Match 1: Spike Brother vs Angel Feather

This match was interesting.  My opponent was playing a Kiriel-Shamsiel crossbreed.  I don’t know whether this was his choice or because he didn’t have the cards for it but it worked well for him.  I went first for the match and started off gradestuck at 1.  He tried to take advantage but my entire hand was grade 1’s.  This allowed me to take the offence very early, forcing him to guard for more then he wanted.  By the time I did get to grade 2, the game was already over because he had no rearguards, and I had guarded early allowing me to take hits from his Kiriel with no risk on my side.  In the second game,  I was gradestuck at 2 this time, causing me to lose the game extremely quickly.  Game Three I was grade stuck at 2 again, but I was able to bring out triple field driller, all with Wonder Boy boosters.  He no guarded my Vanguard Field Driller, and I triggered a critical.  He got no triggers, allowing me to hit with my other rearguard Field Driller.  These draws allowed me to net my grade 3 and the easy early game advantage.  He just wasn’t able to recover and I took this game easily.

Win 2-1

Match 2: Spike Brother vs OTT Soulless

I actually felt so bad in this match.  My opponent just had no luck in this match.  I got gradestuck at 2, but again thanks to Field Driller, I was able to keep presence.  She was forced to ride Souffle instead of Coco, and she wasn’t able to get enough advantage to keep up with me once I got to grade 3.  I was able to easily win this round.  The next game she was grade stuck at 1 and I didn’t miss a single ride.  I triggered very well and easily got to the point that I was able to Limit Break early on and win.

Win 2-0

Match 3: Spike Brother vs Angel Feather

Game 1 I just had the upper hand.  I was able to constantly pressure my opponent until he crumbled.  Game 2 however, was a classic example of why I hate heal triggers.  He didn’t have enough guard in hand, but he still guarded all my attacks until the last one.  He then took the last attack, and got a heal trigger.  I then didn’t have enough guard in hand and he was able to win next turn.  Next game I was grade stuck at 1 for 4 turns then scooped.  We then looked at the top of my deck till the next grade 2.  It was 17 cards away.

Lose 2-1

Match 4: Spike Brother vs Kagero

My head was just no longer in the game.  With people constantly being grade stuck, no one was really having any fun.  I went into this game fully expecting to be grade stuck again, and it happened again.  Game 1 I got grade stuck at 2 again.  Lost the game pretty quick because of it again.  Game 2 I had a pretty good hand and was able to overwhelm him.  For some reason he was guarding for only 1 trigger to pass and he wasn’t even at 5 damage yet.  This allowed me to push through some easy critical triggers.  I was able to use Limit Break early because of this and won the game.  Game 3 was pretty much the same as game 1, except I was able to guard till I hit rank 3.  In the end, I was forced to guard for 1 trigger to pass, and he got a heal trigger for game.

Lose 2-1

Overall it was a rough day.  Was the first tournament in awhile that I did so badly in.  The funny thing is, that everyone did so badly that I actually came 3rd.  Basically everyone who usually did well just weren’t able to pull it together like they usually do.  Hopefully it works out better next week.


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