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Stand Triggers and Their Effect on Gameplay

One thing that I am asked many times is when Stand Triggers should be ran in a deck. This is actually a very tricky subject, as Stands aren’t necessarily bad, they just aren’t comparable to other triggers. Other triggers provide more advantage than Stands, unless the deck is specifically designed to abuse them. There are a few clans that are able to do this and that will be one of the things we cover.

Stand triggers overall just do not keep up to Critical Triggers and Draw Triggers. That is due to the fact that Draw and Criticals require no prior setup. Also, Draws provide advantage that your opponent cannot control and Criticals have the possibility to provide advantage your opponent cannot control. Stands allow for the opponent to block them if they want, negating your advantage in a sense. It does cost them an extra card, but in some decks card advantage is a negligible factor. More often then not, you want to gain advantage off your opponent without them being able to control it in any form.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Stand Triggers can be ignored. A very good example of a deck that can abuse Stands is Nova Grappler. This is due to their main vanguard, Asura Kaiser, and his effect. When you trigger a Grade 3 unit, you may stand any unit on your side of the field. Nova Grappler also has 2 units named Death Army Guy and Death Army Lady. Their effect is when you trigger a Grade 3 in your Drive Check, you may stand them. This makes it so that with 8 Grade 3’s and just 4 Stand Triggers, you are effectively running 12 Stands. This allows for a very high consistency in standing your units, which forces your opponent to basically need to plan to block upwards of 4 attacks every turn. This is the main reason for Nova Grapplers success in the competitive scene so far. The ability to constantly stand units effectively provides advantage as you constantly wear your opponent down until they can no longer block your constant attacks.

There are also effects in different clans that can benefit from Stand Triggers. A good example of this is Pale Moon’s Nightmare Doll Alice and Granblue’s Death Seeker Thanatos. The decks themselves do not necessarily gain advantage from Stand Triggers, but these cards greatly benefit from it. When Alice hits a unit, she is able to go to soul to call another unit, giving you another attack. Your opponent will be compelled to block this as it would mean he would need to block another attack if her effect goes off. With a Stand Trigger, you are able to attack with Alice again, making it more difficult for your opponent to prevent the effect. Using Stands in these cases can actually be very beneficial. By constantly standing these units you create a form of pressure that your opponent is forced to deal with. You are able to construct decks around this idea, although most of the time these decks are inferior to their counterparts.

Another reason to run Stand Triggers is actually a rather odd one. There are decks right now that gain so much advantage that they have no need to run Draw Triggers. At the same time however, they do not have enough Critical Triggers released to allow them to run more Critical. A good example of this is Oracle Think Tank. Both builds gain plenty of advantage without needing to use Draw Triggers, making Draw Triggers counterproductive. However, at the same time, they only have 2 different Critical Triggers that they can run, making it so that the maximum Critical Triggers they can run is 8. They don’t want to run Draw Triggers so their last choice is Stand Triggers. This actually ends up being a good choice as it allows them to be more offensive without any unnecessary triggers being ran.

Overall, Stand Triggers are inferior to other triggers. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be ran, it just means that most of the time they are not the proper choice for the deck. There are a few decks that are able to abuse them, and there are situations where running Stands is a better idea just due to different situations in deck mechanics. If you approach your trigger construction with some deep thought, you can end up with a diverse and interesting line-up that can catch your opponent by surprise.


2 thoughts on “Stand Triggers and Their Effect on Gameplay

  1. Very insightful post. Shows not only your perspective, but also a deep understanding of stand triggers. I do disagree on one thing though, “most of the time these decks are inferior to their counterparts.” If built and piloted correctly, I believe they are on par with decks that run the basic 8 crit, 4 draw lineup.

  2. Can the standing rearguard unit get the effect of stand triger? I mean after they attack, can they stand again?

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