Deck Profile

Narukami Vermillion Deck Profile

Narukami is your typical Beatdown strategy deck, focusing mostly on hitting for constant and consistent numbers with an element of control.  The spiritual successor to Kagero, it follows many of the same ideas with a few key differences.  The deck is missing out on a couple of integral triggers, having no way to generate advantage itself.  While it really misses the draw triggers, the deck itself is still very strong besides that.  On to the decklist:

Grade 0:
1 x Spark Kid Dragoon
4 x Yellow Gem Carbuncle
4 x Malevolent Djinn
4 x Old Dragon Mage
4 x Demonic Dragon Nymph, Seiobo

Grade 1
4 x Wyvern Guard, Guld
4 x Red River Dragoon
4 x Photon Bomber Wyvern
3 x Desert Gunner, Raien

Grade 2
4 x Thunderstorm Dragoon
4 x Demonic Dragon Berserker, Garuda
3 x Dragonic Deathscythe

Grade 3
4 x Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
2 x Djinn of the Lightning Flash
1 x Breakthrough Dragon

The Trigger Line-up is pretty much the only option that Narukami has at this time. Not really much wiggle room here. For the starting Vanguard that’s a different story however. There are 2 starters available for Narukami. The first is Lizard Soldier, Saishin and the second is Spark Kid Dragoon. The reason I chose Spark Kid is his effect can be used no matter what while Saishin’s effect requires your opponent to have a grade 0 on the field when he goes off. I’ve also found that Spark Kid has helped me a couple of times in getting to the grade 3 I need. This doesn’t mean he’s without faults however, as there were also quite a few times where I don’t get anything from the effect. In the end both of Narukami’s choices are pretty lack luster, with Spark Kid just being the more consistent.


The grade 1 line-up is designed to give me the strongest rows I can. There are few times where having a 6k booster will be a bad thing in this deck, so running 4 Photon Bombers allows me to get 1 behind my Vanguard very consistently. Combined with Vermillion, that’s a 21k row. 4 perfect guards and 4 8k vanilla boosters is pretty standard. The Desert Gunners are literally in there as filler, as a 7k booster with effect they are just the best choice. While I could take Lizard Soldier, Riki, this deck is just too counterblast heavy to be able to use him.

The grade 2 line-up is designed to allow me the best ride I can. I want to ride Garuda almost every time, as he allows me to reverse any counterblasts. As a Vanguard it is very likely that this effect will go off, allowing me to reverse Spark Kid’s cost. I find that 3 Dragonic Deathscythe is enough to allow me to have 1 when I need it, but not too many as to get me drawing it when I can’t use it’s effect.

With the grade 3’s, I would have to say that this one is still heavily debated by myself. I think that Vermillion is a very strong card and really should be abused as much as possible. However, there are a couple of good options out there. I still think that Vermillion should be most players top choice, but there is some flexibility. I chose to run 2 Djinn and 1 Breakthrough as I felt that being able to swing for 12k unboosted was just a better option. The only issue I have with Djinn is he actually cannot attack a rearguard. I hope Narukami gets a condition-less one soon, but till then, I’ll stick with Djinn.

Overall the deck is alot of fun with alot of power behind it. When things line-up for Narukami, they have some of the most explosive power in the game. They are a good choice for all kinds of players and don’t punish the user too heavily for misplays, making it a great choice for beginners.


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