November 3rd, 2012 Tournament Report

Today was a fun day for the tournament.  Everyone was having a relatively good day with few issues.  We were missing a couple of our more prominent players, but we had a few new players today to replace them.  Considering last weeks hilariously “good” times, it was fun to have the game back on track.  With Narukami’s overwhelming victory in the polls, that was the deck that I played this week.  It ran very well with only 1 match where it had a major hiccup.

Match 1 : Narukami vs Royal Paladin

This match was very interesting.  Although not really that difficult, the kid I played against is really coming along in terms of skill.  The first time I played him he didn’t even know how triggers really worked.  He was playing the Galahad Royal Paladin build with Holy Disaster Dragon.  In the first round, I played very aggressively, calling my starting Vanguard to the front lines, and calling another grade 1 in the front lines.  I was able to get 3 damage this turn as I triggered, allowing my Spark Kid to attack as well.  He missed his Galahad ride and was forced to ride Holy Disaster Dragon to avoid a 9k vanguard.  I rode with no issues and got 2 grade 3 Djinn out, allowing me the 2ok columns in Narukami.  I also had the 10k booster behind my vanguard, making it so he needed 15k for each of my columns.  That gave me round 1 easily.  Round 2 was disappointing and really showed off why Spark Kid and the clones are looked down on.  I was missing my grade 3 and even after using Spark Kid, I didn’t get one.  I was able to push to 5 damage, but in the end I just didn’t have the cards in hand to continue.  Round 2 to him.  Round 3 I pretty handily overwhelmed.  I missed ridding Vermillion, but I rode the Djinn instead.  This allowed me to attack for 22k with my Vanguard, and with Breakthrough Dragon in the rearguard with an 8k boost, it was just too early for him to guard.

Win 2-1

Match 2 : Narukami vs Oracle Think Tank

This was the same player as last week.  This game went much better as this time we were both able to play without being Gradestuck.  In the first round, I again played really aggressively.  I was able to get her to 3 damage at grade 1.  She then countered by getting to grade 2 and calling 2 more grade 2’s and trying to push for 3 damage as well.  I blocked one of them and took 2.  After riding, I called a Deathscythe and retired the booster behind her Vanguard.  My next attacks were blocked, her using one intercept to get the job done.  After riding Scarlet Witch, Coco, she called Souffle to the rearguard in front of Lulu.  She then attacked with her Silent Tom boosted by Gemini, forcing me to take it.  After all of her attacks I was at 4 damage, with 3 face-up.  I then rode Vermillion and limit broke, allowing my Vermillion to attack for 21k at her entire front row.  She was forced to no guard the attack.  I got a draw trigger.  She gets a heal trigger to stay alive in the game I then attacked with my next rearguard, she doesn’t have enough.  Gets a heal trigger.   2 heal triggers in a row.  Was gonna be pretty salty if she won because of that.  But that attack had done it’s job.  With her losing 2 rearguards and being forced to guard for 21k, I had effectively drained her hand, allowing me to attack for game next turn.  Game 2 was the classic me being Gradestuck and losing because of it.  Never even got to ride to Grade 3.  Game 3 was pretty one-sided as well, but in a different way.  She just got no rearguards or boosters and the turn I rode to Grade 3 I attacked for game.

Win 2-1

Match 3 : Narukami vs Kagero

This was the one match of the day where I was a little disappointed.  I have no problems losing, I just hate losing when it feels like I didn’t really get to play the game.  In the first game, I was gradestuck at 2, which allowed him to take advantage of my dwindling hand size.  In game 2, he just kept getting draw trigger after draw trigger.  I attacked for 21k against his vanguard and he guarded with 20k shield.  He still had 8 cards in hand.  I checked my first trigger, it was a crit trigger.  With only 4 cards in hand and no interceptors on field, I was not confident in my ability to guard next turn, so I put all effects to Vanguard.  Second Check, Heal trigger.  I was very happy to win this one, as it had been close the whole time.  The third game was extremely disappointing.  I was gradestuck at 0.  That’s right, no grade 1.  I was like that for 3 turns.  I did eventually get it but the damage was already done.  He was at 5 damage, but I just couldn’t put enough pressure after being so far behind on card advantage.

Lost 1-2

Match 4 : Narukami vs Gold Paladin

Last match of the day and it was against Gold Paladin.  I have no idea how he did it, but he was running what appeared to be a Gold Paladin starter deck, and had gone 2-1 so far that day.  To be fair, this match didn’t really last long enough for me to see if there were differences, but all of his cards seemed to be those from the Gold Paladin starter.  This would end up to be my only 2-0 of the day, as I was able to get the 20k rows fairly early on and just kept pushing until his defences crumpled.  In game 2, he made a call that I’m not sure whether it was smart, but it was definitely interesting.  When I used Limit Break, I was forced to attack unboosted and he wasn’t going to be able to block it all.  He was at 3 damage and rather then guard just one attack, he decided to try to protect his grade 3 rearguards as well.  He placed 5k guard for each.  It was a kind of all or nothing type of strategy.  Unfortunately, I did hit a trigger, which allowed me to pass all of his guards.  Would have been interesting if it had worked though.

Win 2-0

Much better tournament than last weeks, although with a less prominent player pool than last weeks.  Might try doing feature matches rather than playing next week but I don’t know.  Either way, Bermuda Triangle comes out this week and it’s definitely going to be an interesting deck.


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