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Spectral Duke Gold Paladin

Spectral Duke exploded on to the English scene when the World Qualifiers started. Many people had not expected it to have as strong a showing as it did due to the fact that the Garmore Gold Paladin build was the one doing so well in the Japanese scene. Spectral Duke continued to show throughout the Qualifiers that it was the dominant build at this time. I find the deck to have some good consistency with strong explosive power. It is very difficult to stop Spectral Dukes winning image, as blocking for two to pass can have devastating effect. We’ll go over that more, for now lets get into the decklist:

Grade 0
1 x Black Dragon Whelp, Vortimer
3 x Weapons Dealer, Gwydion
3 x Speeder Hound
3 x Silent Punisher
3 x Flame of Victory
4 x Elixir Sommelier

Grade 1
1 x Little Battler, Tron
2 x Sleygal Dagger
4 x Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth
4 x Scout of Darkness, Vortimer
4 x Halo Shield, Mark

Grade 2
3 x Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane
4 x Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains
4 x Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer

Grade 3
4 x Spectral Duke Dragon
3 x Gigantech Destroyer

The decks grade 0 line-up is constructed to counter Spectral Duke’s cost. Since you need to sacrifice 3 rearguards to activate his effect, the extra draw triggers allow for more advantage to be generated, making it so when you activate his effect you aren’t as behind.

For the grade 1 line-up, it’s very basic except for the Sleygal Dagger and Little Battler, Tron. The reason behind these two is very simple. With Tron behind your vanguard, you can attack for 21k, which is especially strong in Spectral Duke with his potential to break through guards risk free. Sleygal Dagger is strong in this deck due to the 3 Gigantech Destroyer’s. If you have a Sleygal behind a Gigantech, thats a 21k row. If you’re against a 10k vanguard, a Sleygal Dagger behind your vangaurd will result in a 20k row.


In the Grade 2 line-up, the only rearguard of particular note is Viviane. With Viviane, when you activate Spectral Duke’s cost, you can combo with Viviane for some really strong plays. For one, when you stand your Vanguard, you needed to sacrifice 3 rearguards. This means that a slot is open for Viviane to call to. There’s two ways that this can become really strong. One, it counteracts the cost of Spectral Duke, setting you up for the next turn. Or you can use her effect to activate Spectral Duke a second time in the same turn. That play however should only really be used if you got double triggers and setting up like that could result in an easy win.

The Grade 3 line-up is because I only ever really want to ride Spectral Duke. Having the consistency of having 4 Spectral Dukes in deck increases the consistency of the deck itself with it’s ride chain. 3 Gigantechs allows for some very strong rearguard attacks.

Knowing when to use Spectral Duke’s effect is what really allows this deck to shine. Sacrificing the correct rearguards in combination with attack order can shatter through your opponent’s defences, no matter how many cards they have in hand. Remember, if you are planning to stand your vanguard, putting all trigger effects to Spectral Duke can allow him to break through 2 to pass guards, with no risk to yourself as you’re going to be standing the vanguard to attack again anyway. The explosive power that this deck has is very likely the strongest in the game at this time.


2 thoughts on “Spectral Duke Gold Paladin

  1. Instead of Weapons Dealer Gwydion, Falcon Knight of the Azure is a better draw trigger for his +2000 power buff when superior called from the deck.

    • I thought the same thing at first, however Weapons Dealer is a good booster in a pinch, even behind the vanguard. Falcon Knight you feel compelled to get rid of ASAP, which makes it detrimental in the long run. Of course, that’s just my opinion, to each their own.

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