November 10th, 2012 Tournament Report

So due to the polls saying that Feature Matches were being met with some mixed feelings, I decided to continue with the Tournament Reports for this week. This week I played Spectral Duke Dragon, as Gold Paladin has two phenomenal builds available to them, and I didn’t want to infringe on the polls. The first tournament I ever won was with Spectral Duke Dragon and I hadn’t played the deck since then, so I was hoping to give the deck another good showing.

Match 1 : Gold Paladin vs Gold Paladin

This match was actually completely forgettable for me. I’m serious, I don’t remember a thing. All I know is that I won this match 2-0.

Win 2-0

Match 2 : Gold Paladin vs Narukami

I was playing against a friend this match who was actually borrowing my Narukami deck from the previous week. We joked about how I should just take my deck back and then got into the game. In the first game, I got my ride chain off and played a draw trigger as the fodder for the effect. Once I got to rank 2, I was able to flood the field, forcing him to guard and take damage very early on in the game. He rode to rank 3 and began to apply pressure himself, although he wasn’t able to get any boosters to attack with. I used both my rank 2’s on the field to intercept, freeing up my field for when I rode to Spectral Duke, allowing me to call two more units to the field. After this, he was just unable to keep the pressure off.  Eventually I just used Spectral Duke’s skill and attacked for game. In game 2, I only got the grade 2 in hand for the ride chain. He was also getting some spectacular triggers. I was just unable to push through his heals. He got 3 off that game, each time when I was ready to use Spectral Duke’s skill to begin attacking for game. It was just too much and he won. In the third game, I began applying pressure again, but again I didn’t get the ride chain off. However, I was able to get Little Battler, Tron to the field, which made it really hard on him to block my vanguard attacks. He also didn’t get a Deathscythe out until much later. When I was finally attacking for game, he guarded for no triggers. I checked twice and got nothing. I could feel the relief off of him, and then I stood my vanguard. He then started laughing. He had completely forgot about Spectral Duke’s ability while he was figuring out how to guard. That attack went through for game.

Win 2-1

Match 3 : Gold Paladin vs Royal Paladin

I had never played against this player before and was interested to see how this game would go. We were both 2-0 at this point and really wanted to get that win to make it to the finals. I started off the game with no grade 1 in hand, but the grade 2 and 3 of the ride chain. I top deck, grade 1 Scout. I played it and got the grade 2 from my deck, then played a draw trigger behind my vangaurd. She then attacked me with Maron boosted by grade 1 Galahad, and I got a draw trigger. Next turn I flooded the field again, getting her to 3 damage and netting another draw trigger. By this point it was just runaway advantage and I won the game. Game 2 I started off with the ride chain in hand again, but she was grade stuck at 1. She ended up having to use a Gancelot to search her deck for blaster blade to ride. That extra turn really cost her and I won the match with Spectral Dukes skill next turn.

Win 2-0

Match 4 : Gold Paladin vs Gold Paladin

This game was a very good and close one. We were both playing Spectral Duke builds and both of us had the skill to back up the deck. He was playing it very differently, running 4 Tron, putting his faith in a 21k vanguard swing tactic. In the first game we both got our ride chains off perfectly, although I was able to use a draw trigger for it, while he was forced to use an 8k booster. It went very back and forth the whole time, however he was able to get some key heal triggers that swung the game in his favour. I survived one turn of his vanguard standing but next turn I just didn’t have the guard to block all his attacks, let alone another Spectral Duke stand. In game 2, I got my ride chain off and he didn’t. However, I was forced to play a perfect guard as fodder for the effects. I was able to wear him down throughout the game and finally got a double crit to push through his guard. In game 3, neither of us got our ride chains off, but we were able to get the grade 2 into soul. This made for another great game. Eventually all the attacks were just too much and I pushed through his guard for game.

Win 2-1

I really feel like the deck really showed how strong it can be. I also felt that at some key moments I made calls that really helped me push forward in some games with tricky situations. It was a very fun tournament with some skilled players in attendance. Unfortunately, due to how the pairings and tie breakers had worked, the player I played in the final round ended up fourth instead of second. It’s too bad because he definitely deserved his second place, but there’s not much you can do. I have put up another poll for next weeks deck. Tell me what you want me to play, lets see how far I can go with it.


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