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Asura Kaiser Nova Grappler Deck Profile

Nova Grapplers were the first deck that I ever played, yet interestingly, the last deck I ever completed. I don’t know what took me so long, especially considering that I find their play style to be one of the most enjoyable in the game. The constant attacking and extreme consistency makes them a force to be reckoned with when played right. So lets dive right in and see what they are all about.

Grade 0
1 x Beast Deity, White Tiger
4 x Battleraizer
2 x Shining Lady
4 x Red Lightning
2 x Three Minutes
4 x Ring Girl Clara

Grade 1
2 x Clay-doll Mechanic
4 x Twin Blader
4 x Screamin’ and Dancin’ Announcer, Shout
4 x Death Army Guy

Grade 2
2 x Brutal Jack
2 x Magician Girl, Kirara
3 x Death Army Lady
3 x King of Sword

Grade 3
4 x Asura Kaiser
4 x Beast Deity, Azure Dragon
1 x Moai the Great

The Grade 0 line-up is probably the weirdest that I have, yet is highly effective. I run 4 Stand, 6 Crit, 2 Draw, 4 Heal. I find that you only really need the 4 Stand in the deck due to Asura Kaiser. It increases consistency alongside Asura Kaiser, as with 9 rank 3’s in deck you are basically running 12 stand. The 6 crit provides the appropriate threat that they are forced to block and the 2 draw means a replenish of hand when it is triggered. White Tiger is, unfortunately, the only option for a starter vanguard that actually sticks around for Nova Grappler right now. He provides some good utility that can give some quick damage against your opponent.

The Grade 1’s are setup in such a way as to provide the greatest advantage in a deck running 9 grade 3’s. There is nothing in this deck that an 8k booster would make a difference with, hence the lack. However, Death Army Guy provides amazing utility, allowing an entire row to stand when Asura Kaiser activates.  Shout allows you to recycle the useless grade 3’s, and since most things in this deck can hit unboosted, there is little issue in using the effect. Clay Doll is a neat trick that can really help when he goes off, although it doesn’t happen as often as you’d like.

For Grade 2’s, I go a different route then some people. I like using Magician Girl, Kirara, as I find her effect can be life saving in some situations. Since the deck is so counterblast efficient, you should find no issue using her effect. Death Army Lady provides the same possibilities as Death Army Guy, as triggering a grade 3 has the potential to stand an entire row. Brutal Jack is your ideal ride, as you force your opponent to take that attack, with an easy 21k+. King of Sword rounds off the line-up with a nice 10k power beater.

The Grade 3 line-up is fairly straight forward. Asura Kaiser provides a very strong 11k Vanguard with a superb effect, allowing for consistent and constant standing on your end. Azure Dragon is a good backup ride, while also providing an 11k rearguard attacker who can be stood through White Tiger’s ability. Moai the Great finishes off the line-up, bringing the count to 9 for more consistency in Asura Kaisers ability.

The idea behind this deck is to consistently attack your opponent with 4 or more attacks every turn. This can drain a hand extremely quickly, as it will take 4 or more cards to block all the attacks. If you play smartly you can beat your opponent before you have to even worry about defending yourself.


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