November 17th, 2012 Tournament Report

So this would mark the first time I ever played Nova Grappler in a tournament. I had originally started with Nova Grappler, but ended up making Kagero as I was able to get everything for it faster then I was able to get the stuff for Nova Grappler. I was looking forward to running the deck as it had been testing well and seemed to be very consistent. So lets see how the day went.

Match 1 : Nova Grappler vs Oracle Think Tank

He was playing soulless and it was pretty obvious that he hadn’t had much practice with it. The first game went pretty well with me triggering and guarding with the proper cards. However, luck was very much with him as he got 1 or 2 triggers on every single one of his drive checks. It was just too much as he just kept whittling down my hand until I had nothing left. Game 1 to him. Game 2 it became apparent that he hadn’t had much practice as he used 2 Psychic Birds just for fuel for Luck Birds effect, costing him 20k shield. This would cost him the game as he eventually just didn’t have the cards in hand to survive any more. In game 3, I got no triggers and triggered no grade 3’s. In the bottom 20 cards of my deck, there were 5 grade 3’s and 12 triggers. Just an overall bad game for me.

Loss 1-2

Match 2 : Nova Grappler vs Kagero

I was against a Lawkeeper Kagero deck which actually put me in a tough spot. Although riding Asura Kaiser is most definitely ideal, if he used his Limit Break it would actually drop Asura Kaiser down to a 9k vanguard. I had no choice but to ride my Azure Dragon to avoid this. This didn’t slow me down any as I just made sure to setup a row with Death Army Lady and Death Army Guy to compensate. I forced his hand down and took the first game. In the second game he had no grade 3’s, and started with 3 Barri in hand. I pushed him to the breaking point, leaving him with no field or hand. Unfortunately, I was forced to no guard his vanguard attack while at 3 damage, giving him an opening to win. First check, critical trigger. Second check, Lawkeeper. Deep breaths there. Next turn he was unable to guard enough and I won.

Win 2-0

Match 3 : Nova Grappler vs Royal Paladin

This player… I always seem to get grade stuck with him, and this time was no exception. I started off the game with no grade 3 in hand. I rode my only rank 1, Shout, and used his effect, discarding a 10k shield from my hand. I drew into Azure Dragon. The rest of the game was quick, as I was able to flood the field at rank 2 for some quick damage and at rank 3 I got a stand and crit trigger for game. Game 2 I was grade stuck again, but this time it stayed that way. I drove check into Asura Kaiser on the turn I would have rode, and that extra turn cost me, I was just unable to guard. Game 3 I was grade stuck… again. Again though, I used Shouts effect discarding my extra grade 3 to get my grade 2. From that point on I applied pressure and won the game.

Win 2-1

Match 4: Nova Grappler vs Royal Paladin

Started off this game very strong. I went second and called Death Army Guy and 2 Shouts to the field. I swung with my 2 rearguards first and bot went through. Then I attacked with my vanguard and got a stand Trigger, attacking a fourth time, getting him to 4 damage at rank 1. He superior rode from his deck and tried to attack, but he had no boosters so I blocked it. I drained his hand pretty hard next turn and then won when I rode to rank 3. In game 2, I was very hard pressed, forced to guard for 1 to pass twice. I was able to hold on and eventually was forced to intercept with both my rearguards. However, I called 2 Asura Kaiser from my hand on the next turn, and attacked with the one boosted by Death Army first. Then I attacked with my vanguard and triggered a grade 3 to stand the row that had just attacked and then a critical trigger. The extra attack with extra power was too much and I pushed through for game.

Win 2-0

A strong showing from Nova Grapplers, but that first game just shut me down before the tournament had even started. It’s too bad that I wasn’t able to make it to the finals, but at least for a first time playing Grapplers in a competitive setting they did their job. Will be interesting to see what I play next week.


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