Game Breakdown

Generating Advantage Part 2

So we left off last time after talking about several of the ways you can generate advantage in your deck. One of the things that I didn’t get into talking about is how Bushiroad has balanced several cards in this game taking exactly these factors into account. That’s what the topic of this article will be about.

The great thing Bushiroad has done in this game so far is make it so cards that are, at first glance, broken actually require a significant trade-off to activate their effects. There are few cards in this game that give you solid advantage without some sort of combo with other cards in your deck. A very good example of this is Spike Brothers. They have one of the strongest and most balanced limit breaks out right now, requiring large amounts of guard to survive after they activate it. However, Bushiroad balances it with several different factors. For one, you need to be at limit break 4. Not too hefty on its own. Second, you need to have 2 cards in your hand when you attack. You don’t get the advantage of being able to choose to do this after damage and after your twin drive. Third, you need to counterblast 2. You basically sacrifice the advantage your twin drive would give you in order to go for that final attack. This makes it much more difficult for Spike Brothers to initiate their final turn, balancing out the amount of power that it produces. You get to call 2 cards from your deck, however, it costs you 2 cards in your hand. This means that usually after a Spike Brothers player rushes and if you survive, he will most likely lose on the next turn.

Spectral Duke Dragon is another good example of a card balanced out by its cost. By requiring a sacrifice of 3 units to stand, and by making it so you lose twin drive, you again sacrifice the advantage your twin drive would give you, but in a different way. Standing a Vanguard is nothing to sneeze at, don’t get me wrong. However, it requires large amounts of field commitment and if the opponent anticipates tje plan, he is able to stave off the advantage it would give you. Then on the next turn, the Spectral Duke player needs to commit to the field again in order to continue pressing his advantage, which is much harder to do considering that he was just forced to guard against your attacks. This is why we have seen many decks top Spectral Duke even with this effect.


Another thing that I’ve found interesting about different vanguards with powerful effects is that Bushiroad seems to have a set system on how to balance them out. All vanguards with powerful effects have 3 costs or conditions that need to be met. Spike Brothers: Limit Break 4, 2 Cards from Hand, Counterblast 2. Spectral Duke Dragon : Limit Break 4, Sacrifice 3, Counterblast 2. Even the powerful Dragonic Overlord the End has 3 different conditions : Has to hit, Discard a copy from hand, Counterblast 2. This is one of Bushiroads attempts at balance that works really well, as it prevents over usage of effects and allows you to anticipate when they will happen. These are still some ridiculously powerful effects that force you to guard constantly or else you basically lose, but the semblance of balance through the costs makes it much better.


As you can see, the way that Bushiroad balances the game is by making it so some of the strongest Vanguards actually require you to minus in some fashion to activate their effects. This provides the other Vanguards with lesser effects to actually stay on par with their competition just through the consistency they provide as well as the advantage that they can generate.


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