Deck Profile

Cocytus Granblue Deck Profile

Granblue is a deck with interesting mechanics and a very unique play style.  It allows you to recycle cards from your drop zone while maintaining field presence.  You do need to sacrifice units from your side of the field to achieve this, which I believe is the only thing holding them back.  Once a card is released that is able to revive without sacrificing a unit on the field, then we will see some incredible things from Granblue.  As they stand right now, they are among the weakest of the clans, with some really strong consistency on their side.  A Granblue deck will almost always run the way you want it too, with few surprises.  Their ability to restructure their field makes them something to be wary of.  I made quite a few different builds of Granblue before I settled on one that I felt would be best for competitive play, so lets get into what that is now:

Grade 0:
1 x Captain Nightkid
4 x Rough Seas Banshee
1 x Ghoul Cannonball
3 x Knight Spirit
4 x Hook-Wielding Zombie
2 x Rick the Ghostie
2 x Doctor Rouge
2 x Chappie the Ghostie

Grade 1:
4 x Gust Jinn
4 x Deadly Nightmare
4 x Samurai Spirit
2 x Dancing Cutlass

Grade 2:
4 x Deadly Spirit
4 x Ruin Shade
2 x Skeleton Demon Word Knight

Grade 3:
4 x Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus
3 x Deadly Swordmaster

So the grade 0 line-up is very diverse for Granblue. You could run it a multitude of different ways. The reason I run 4 Draw 8 Crit is because I believe it allows for a good balance of offence and defence. With Granblue it is very possible to run more crit and aim for an early victory, but I feel like that runs counter to it’s playstyle, which is meant for consistency. 12 crit makes up for your weak endgame, but sacrifices the draws which are pretty important to the deck. Two Chappie the Ghostie allows you to stock your drop zone with cards to target with Cocytus, as well as thin out your deck of cards you don’t need. It also increases the chances of getting the Deadly Swordmaster Superior Ride off.

The Grade 1 line-up is straightforward. Just like with Nova Grapplers, there is nothing in this deck that an 8k booster would make a difference with. This means that running the 7k boosters with revival effects make it much easier to get consistent rows, as you can always drop them in the drop zone with various effects. The two Dancing Cutlass are strong in this deck due to Ruin Shade and the Deadly Swordmaster rearguards allowing for 16k rows. The draw it nets you is needed in this deck since it generates no advantage otherwise.

The Grade 2’s are made to get the strongest rows you can while increasing consistency. Ruin Shade is easily their strongest Grade 2 unit, with Deadly Spirit coming a close second with his revival effect and 9k power. Demon Knight is interchangeable with Skeleton Knight, I just find that the ability to secure a ride if you are in trouble to be invaluable in some cases.

Grade 3’s are pretty much non-negotiable in this deck. You could run Skull Dragon, but then you would need to run the 8k boosters or else he’s wasted. The problem I have with Skull Dragon is that he kills himself every turn he attacks. Deadly Swordmaster trades this attack power with consistency and the potential to superior ride, which I find to be a fair trade-off. Also, if you are forced to ride him and keep him, you’re not really in trouble, as his 11k attack helps in the defensive area.

Granblue can be very strong, but they are a tricky deck to play. Like many of the decks in the lower power range of the game right now, they are still able to easily compete with the stronger decks, but they come with more risks. A single misplay or misread could end the game for you as your commitment to different tactics is punished severely if you’re wrong. The deck has the potential, and I really look forward to seeing them grow as the game continues.


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