November 24th, 2012 Tournament Report

*sigh* I was not looking forward to this. I’ve always enjoyed the Granblue playstyle, but they just are missing that something that makes them a deck I could really enjoy. They allow for interesting plays, but with a mechanic like theirs you would think there would be pluses in the deck, but there isn’t. I will say that after this tournament I am completely sold on 12 crit. There were more then a few instances where if I was running 12 crit I would have won the game right then and there. On to how the day went:

Match 1 : Granblue vs Bermuda Triangle

This game just started off badly. She got her ride chain off and I had 3 grade 3’s in hand. I rode one Cocytus in order to bring Deadly Nightmare back, but that was the only booster I had. I was at 4 damage before she even rode to rank 3 because of my hand. Needless to say, I just didn’t have anything to guard with. Game 2, I was able to superior ride to Deadly Swordsman with some creative play. I didn’t drive check anything and had no boosters at that time. Next turn I rode into Cocytus and got a booster back, but this time rather then having lots of grade 3’s in hand, I had none with 3 perfect shields. I held her off as best I could and actually got to the point that I forced her to no guard at 4 damage. I had 5 criticals and a draw trigger left in a 10 card deck, any of them would have let me win. Instead, I got nothing, allowing her to attack for game next turn.

Lose 0-2

Match 2 : Granblue vs Bermuda Triangle

This Bermuda Triangle deck was different as he was running Raindeer as his main vanguard. He had issues the whole game in drive checks, and I got him to 4 damage before I even hit rank 2. Needless to say, that game ended once I hit rank 3, as he just wasn’t able to guard for the amounts he needed. Game 2 the same thing happened again, but this time he had enough shield to do 1 to pass. He had to do it multiple times however, and eventually I got a crit trigger to attack for game.

Win 2-0

Match 3 : Granblue vs Bermuda Triangle

Jesus, so many Bermudas today. Obviously popular since it had just been released, but I am very surprised at having to face 3 of them so far. I drove check very well and rode with no issues. I got her to 4 damage before rank 3, allowing my attacks to carry alot more weight behind them. Eventually I just attacked for game. Second game was pretty much the same as the first, except she was unable to get any boosters. This allowed me to 10k guard everything that she attacked with, making it easy for me to prevent any damage at all. This did come with the trade-off that I was unable to use any effects, but the fact I could no guard if it came down to it was worth the trade-off. I won with little issue.

Win 2-0

Match 4 : Granblue vs Gold Paladin

This game was one that I believed would really test my deck. This was the only player that had gone undefeated today, and was known for being a skilled fighter. He was running Spectral Duke today, and had won most of his games with little issue. We started off the game and he went first. He rode Scout, netting his rank 2 from deck. He was forced to play Gareth from his hand as fodder. I rode my Samurai Spirit and called a Deadly Nightmare to the rear. I attacked and got a crit. He got no triggers, allowing my rearguard to attack. He tried to guard with Viviane, forgetting he’s at rank 1. He goes to 3 damage. He rides his Vortimer, sacrificing his Gareth. He looks at his top 2, calls a draw trigger and a crit trigger. He calls Beaumains to the rear and a Viviane. I guard Viviane and let the other 2 through. I ride Ruin Shade and call Deadly Spirit and Ruin Shade to the Rearguard. I use Nightkid’s effect and dump a Deadly Nightmare. I use Dancing Cutlass behind Ruin Shade to net me a draw, getting Cocytus. I attack his Vanguard and he doesn’t guard, putting him at 4 damage, but he gets a trigger. I attack his Viviane with my rearguards, he protects her once then lets her go on the second attack. He rides Spectral Duke sacrificing his draw trigger, getting another draw trigger and a halo shield. He sacked off his draw trigger to play a Beaumains and then attacked. I was forced to take the damage from 2 attacks, putting me at 4. I intercepted the last damage with Ruin Shade. I then rode Cocytus and brought Ruin Shade back from the grave. I attacked and got a crit trigger, forcing him to guard for 15k. He then played Viviane and started his attack. He stood his vanguard, sacrificing his Beaumains row and the booster behind his vanguard. He didn’t get any triggers. I attacked his vanguard and he no guarded it, I got a crit to win the game. In the next game, he isn’t able to get any of his ride chain off, not even his rank 2 into soul. I end up keeping my Nightkid and using it as a booster the whole game, as it allowed me to hit the proper numbers vs his 10k Spectral Duke. I was forced to no crit his Vanguard attack at one point, but he got no triggers. He was forced to stand his Vanguard to try to attack for game, as he had no other options. I guarded his Vanguard attack with 10k, meaning he couldn’t hit. Next turn I attacked and he was forced to block it. I got a critical trigger, forcing him to use the rest of his hand to guard it. However, he was still only at 4 damage. I used my last attack to clear his last rearguard, making guarding his next turn a simple task. Next turn I attacked for game, he guarded for 1 to pass and I got a critical to end the game.

Win 2-0

I was really pleased with the outcome of this tournament. Despite its rocky start, Granblue really came through, scoring decisive victories in the rest of the tournament, even taking a very solid 2-0 victory over a strong Spectral Duke player. I feel like this really showed how the weaker clans can be a strong force when played right. Should be interesting to see if this keeps up, as alot of the clans that are left are the weaker clans in the poll.


4 thoughts on “November 24th, 2012 Tournament Report

  1. I knew you fought at least 2 but going against 3 bermudas in one day. You must’ve been sick of looking at them by the end of the day.

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