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So I’m going to step back from these long winded posts about how to play the game, different strategies and such in this article. This time, I would actually like to leave this one a little more open for discussion. One thing I’ve wanted to see from Bushiroad is to take the same steps that Upperdeck did with Yu-gi-oh right before they lost the contract. The site Metagame.com was probably one of the best I had seen in its purpose. It was meant to be a place where people could catch up on the latest news on the world of the pros, as well as a place where the ones who were passionate about the game could gather. It was an excellent site as the support that Upperdeck gave it allowed it to flourish. You could find feature matches, deck lists, articles on the evolving metas and changes in strategy. It was a treasure trove of information. The worst thing that Konami did when they took back control was allowing this site to die. They brought back their own version of it later, but it’s sloppily done and not nearly on the same level of organization. I think that if Bushiroad took the lessons of this site and applied it, it would be a huge step forward for the game. Having a centralized place where everyone in the community can gather and share information on the game that they enjoy is a huge thing. So the question that I would like to hear you guys answer is this. Would you like to see Bushiroad create a website with the same coverage and scope as Metagame? Why or why not?


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