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Beast Tamer Pale Moon Deck

So this week it’s Pale Moon that I’m playing. Pale Moon has probably my favourite play style, allowing for high consistency and some very strong rows. The deck has many different strategies and my favourite at this time is Beast Tamer Beatdown. It basically involves setting up some very strong rows and abusing Crimson Beast Tamer and Turquoise Beat Tamer’s abilities to hit magic numbers. So let’s get into the decklsit:

BarkingManticore>Grade 0:
1 x Girl Who Crossed the Gap
2 x Flyer Flyer
3 x Spiral Magician
4 x Poison Juggler
3 x Dynamite Juggler
2 x Candy Clown
2 x Popcorn Boy

Grade 1:
4 x Turquoise Beast Tamer
4 x Dark Metal Bicron
4 x Hades Hypnotist
3 x Midnight Bunny

Grade 2:
2 x Dancing Princess of the Night Sky
4 x Crimson Beast Tamer
2 x Fire Breeze Carrie
2 x Barking Cerberus

Grade 3:
4 x Midnight Invader
4 x Barking Manticore

Turquoisetamer_SP<strongThe grade 0's are pretty inflexible in this build. There is no need for stand triggers as there is no other mechanic allowing them to stand in this particular build. Girl who crossed the Gap is pretty much the only choice for starting Vanguard right now, however, her effect is very strong and allows you to ride things you would like to use as boosters later on. It contributes greatly to the overall consistency of the deck.

The Grade 1's are setup to allow the highest amount of offensive power possible. It makes it so you will almost always have 20k+ rows, easily reaching those 21k magic numbers as well. Turquoise Beast Tamer is very strong in this deck, as combined with Crimson Beast Tamer or Midnight Invader, she lets them hit 20 or 21k respectively. Midnight Bunny gives you some great pressure, as it can allow for some great combos using your soul. In a pinch it can allow for some plays with Girl who crossed the Gap, which I have used before to setup some great rows to win games.

Crimson Beast TamerIn the Grade 2 department, I run 4 Crimson Beast Tamer’s and 2 Dancing Princess to allow for the highest consistency of getting Crimson to soul, providing that power boost to many of your cards. 2 Fire Breeze Carrie is very useful as after Girl who Crossed the Gap and Dancing Princess, you still have enough counterblast open to use her effect at least once, and draws in this deck are very strong. 2 Barking Cerberus round off the grade 2’s with the classic 10k beater. I only run 10 grade 2’s for the same reason as many decks where I run grade 3’s meant to be in the rearguard; I like to keep those slots open.

For Grade 3’s, I run 4 Midnight Invader as it allows for those great attacking rows. Hitting 20 or 21k is definitely something I like to see. Barking Manticore allows the deck to swing for 20k+ with any booster in this deck. He also allows you to get Crimson in the soul if you missed it or replace a dead card in your hand with a live one.

This deck is most definitely built for running over your opponent as fast as possible. It has no shortage of options in doing this against 10k vanguards and they can quickly find themselves overwhelmed. While it has a tougher time against 11k Vanguards, once it has its rows setup it’s almost impossible to stop.


2 thoughts on “Beast Tamer Pale Moon Deck

  1. This seems like a very solid build. The only thing is I believe Midnight Doll Alice has soooooooooooo much synergy with Pale Moons that she is needed in ANY pale moon deck. She is just so incredibly good. Besides that I LOVE this build. I may try it. Looks very very very fun. 🙂

    • Alice is a very good card. The major problem with her though is the fact that she needs to hit, and that if you put her on the vanguard circle she is literally useless. I have tried to fit her into all my Pale Moon decks and I just can’t seem to find a place for her.

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