December 1st, 2012 Tournament Report

So I was kinda happy with this weeks poll. I’ve always enjoyed Pale Moons play style, I don’t know why, I just find it appealing. At the same time, I’ve always really disliked how Laquier works. She’s one of those cards that I feel like it should work but just feels clunky to me in the end. I opted to play Beast Tamer Beatdown, which doesn’t use Pale Moons signature as much but has enough of it to give it a different flavour.

Match 1 : Pale Moon vs Granblue

I started off this game and I was technically grade locked, as I hadn’t gotten my grade 3 yet. Once I started turn 3, I still hadn’t drawn into a grade 3, and then I top decked into Manticore. I happily rode into it, and used my 2 Crimson Beast Tamers and Turquoise to make 20k rows, beating down his vanguard quite nicely. Come next turn, he was just unable to survive the onslaught and I swung in for game. Next game I ended up having 4 of my Grade 3’s in hand, forcing me to take damage early. Once I got to grade 3 though, I was able to ride Barking Manticore to draw a new card and throw one to soul, netting me some shield. I was in trouble at first since he had guarded early and had no damage while I had 4, however I was able to call 2 Midnight Invaders with some good boosters behind them, allowing me to clear out his field and take a chunk out of his hand. Next turn he was only able to call one to the rearguard, allowing me to conserve my hand in defending. Next turn I cleared out his rearguard again and he was forced to take some damage. He wasn’t able to call anything next turn and I opted to perfect guard his vanguard. Eventually my attacks were just too much and I swung through for game.

Win 2-0

Match 2 : Pale Moon vs Oracle Think Tank

I started off game 1 with 2 grade 3’s in hand, but I wasn’t too concerned about it, as they were Midnight Invaders and made great rearguards. By turn 3, I had all 4 Midnight Invaders in my hand. I rode one and called 2 to the rearguard. I had no boosters except behind my Vanguard however, making my attack pretty easy to brush off. I did drive check 2 boosters, meaning I would get some nice attacks next turn. This game was pretty back and forth but eventually he was forced to take damage as he just wasn’t able to hold off the constant 20k rows. Come next game, I experienced some fun luck again, this time getting 4 Barking Manticore and a Midnight Invader in hand. Manticore was really pulling his weight with his effect, allowing me to trade out these dead grade 3’s for some more live cards. This game unfortunately ended when I perfect guarded his vanguard, leaving me with 20k shield, enough to guard his rearguard Souffle with a crit trigger, and then he triggered into a draw trigger, making him push through. I would have had game next turn so I was a little disappointed. Next game I don’t remember much, but I do remember it reached a point where he had to no guard my vanguard at 4 damage and I got a critical to end the game.

Win 2-1

Match 3 : Pale Moon vs Kagero

I was playing against Lawkeeper Kagero, but game 1 I don’t remember much except having a rough first game. I just couldn’t seem to draw any rearguards and he was eliminating any I was able to get onto the field. Game 1 went to him with a crit. Game 2 went much smoother for me, getting all my rows setup and swinging for 20k+. I had the hand so that every time he used Kimnara or Lawkeeper I was able to replace the fallen rearguard. Eventually he crumbled under the pressure. In game 3 I was able to get my rows again, but he was able to retain alot more control over my field. I was forced to use my entire hand one turn, and retire one of my last attackers. However, I was able to use Dancing Princess when she came back to field in order to thin my deck a little to hopefully give me a better draw and triggers. It worked out, netting me a Midnight Invader on my draw. He was forced to do 1 to pass on my Vanguard and I got a critical to win the game.

Win 2-1

Match 4 : Pale Moon vs Kagero

The first game went pretty smoothly. I was having some trouble with triggers, but he missed a ride so that more then made up for it. He eventually drove check a rank 3, meaning he was set next turn. He was forced to no guard my vanguard while at 3 damage and I went “Here comes the double crit, first check!” it was a crit. Second check, crit. We both laughed and he went to 6 damage. Next game was the first game of the day where I did not get Crimson Beast Tamer into the soul. To make matters worse, he ran Dragonic Overlord as his usual ride, but I damage checked 2 of my Turquoise Beast Tamers, making hitting 21k with my rearguards an almost impossible task now. However, I was able to slowly whittle away at his defences, until he was forced to no guard my attack and I took the match.

Win 2-0

Very much enjoyed this tournament as I got to play against alot of the stronger players, and was able to pilot Pale Moon to victory. I’ve always enjoyed the deck and I’m glad I was able to win my first tournament with the deck. We had some interesting decks today, including a Blazing Flare Amon build which had the potential for some really crazy strong attacking rows. Looking forward to see what I’ll see next week.


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