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Leo-pald Great Nature Deck Profile

Great Nature is a deck that specializes in attacking for large numbers, retiring their units as a cost, and using various skills to benefit from retiring their units. They are able to force large guards out of the opponent with little effort on their part, and are able to plus in a multitude of different ways. Lets get into how I like to play Great Nature.


Grade 0:
1 x Flask Marmoset
2 x Alarm Chicken
2 x Eraser Alpaca
3 x Triangle Cobra
3 x Ruler Chameleon
2 x Fortune Bringing Cat
4 x Dictionary Goat

Grade 1:
3 x Stamp Otter
4 x Monoculus Tiger
4 x Silver Wolf
4 x Cable Sheep

Grade 2:
3 x Geograph Giant
4 x Binoculus Tiger
4 x Pencil Knight, Hammsuke

Grade 3:
4 x School Hunter, Leo-pald
3 x Magnet Crocodile

Monoculus TigerFor the Grade 0’s, I wanted to abuse the way that stands function in the deck, while keeping some draw in there for the defensive triggers. By running 4 stands, 6 crit, 2 draw, I am able to get stands enough that I am not limiting myself by using them, but still allowing myself to run 6 crit for the extra offensive power.

For the Grade 1 line-up, I actually only run 3 Stamp Otters. This is due to the fact that they are very static and once placed, can only really go away by being replaced. This means that having more than 3 can actually clog up your deck. The 4 Monoculus Tigers are there to provide an attacker in when I don’t have one, providing a great effect. At other times, he’s a very decent booster with 7k. Silver Wolf is your classic 8k booster, who combined with 4k boosts from effects can actually help a few cards in here reach those magic numbers.

Binoculus Tiger
In Grade 2’s, I run a very staple line-up in Binoculus and Geograph Giant. Pencil Knight, Hammsuke is the one black sheep, as with Stamp Otter he can sometimes not be as useful. However, he provides some amazing deck thinning, and is great in those times when you haven’t drawn a Stamp Otter yet. His 8k attack holds him back from being truly great, but he would probably be too strong a card otherwise.

Now for the Grade 3’s. Leo-pald is what truly holds this deck together. He has an amazing steroid skill, the Great Nature staple of +4000 on attack to anything on field. At the same time, his Limit Break helps make the deck run just that little bit better. It allows a single counterblast to offset the entire cost of the +4000 steroids, bringing back whatever you retire to the field. Unfortunately, they just don’t have any other real powerhouses, and we run 3 Magnet Crocodiles as our rearguard grade 3.

The deck sets up some really brutal rows and as long as you do your math right, can hit the magic numbers with ease. They bring heavy-hitting to a whole new level and I’m still interested to see if they have what it takes for the competitive scene.


2 thoughts on “Leo-pald Great Nature Deck Profile

    • I am gonna be switching out Flask Marmoset, but for Acorn Master actually. Blackboard Parrot I really really want to like, but he just isn’t as good as he should be.

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