December 8th, 2012 Tournament Report

Great Nature won this week by a slim margin over Grade 1 Rush, and lets just say that next week, I won’t be doing a poll this week. Probably my worst showing at a tournament so far, I was just unhappy with the final game, for reasons that will be pretty obvious when you read them. Because of that, I want to play a deck next week that I know I will enjoy playing, rather then risking playing a deck that I know I dislike. SO onto how the games went:

Match 1 : Great Nature vs Kagero
First game, he got Grade Locked at 2, but was able to keep some strong rearguard rows to try and assert some pressure. I was Grade Stuck at 1 for one turn, but I was able to get my rank 2 on my drive check, saving me for the next turn. He remained grade stuck for several more turns, and one he finally drove check a rank 3, I ended up beating him on the next turn. In the next game, I was grade stuck at rank 1 again, this time recovering quickly like last time but that ended up being all the advantage he needed. In game 3, I had nothing but a Monoculus and a Stamp otter as rearguards all game. Even with just that, I was able to whittle him down until he had to minimum guard my vanguard attack to live. I ended up drive checking nothing, and he attacked next turn for game.

Lose 1-2

Match 2 : Great Nature vs Oracle Think Tank

This game was very quick. She got grade stuck both matches, and damage checked most of her grade 3’s the first game, scooping the second game when she saw another of her rank 3’s hit the damage zone with a crit.

Win 2-0

Match 3: Great Nature vs Blazing Amon

This deck is actually a very interesting one, although very situational. It abuses Blazing Flares ability to power-up when a unit is retired, Doreen’s ability to get power when there are Soul Charges, as well as using Amon’s ability to trigger both. This allows for some very beefy rearguards, combined with Amon already being a very large attacker. It’s very much a final turn scenario as he needs to use his hand to boost to the number he likes, and unfortunately, Great Nature pretty much destroys this idea with Stamp Otter. Since Amon has the opponent choose which card to retire, I could just choose Stamp Otter every time, effectively shutting down half the strategy. It didn’t help much that he was unable to get rearguards in the second game, allowing me to easily guard his attacks and go for the game.

Win 2-0

Match 4: Great Nature vs Gold Paladin

This game just really left me salty at the end of it. Game 1, I was grade stuck at 1, unable to find a rank 2. I was able to stack on the pressure as I was able to get 2 Monoculus in the Rearguard with a Stamp Otter behind my vanguard, but it helped very little. By the time I was able to dig to a rank 2, it was already too late as the early pressure had left me unable to defend myself. In the second game, I drew my first hand, it was 5 triggers. I put them all back, shuffled thoroughly, drew my new hand, 5 triggers. After looking at my top card and seeing it as a grade 3, I immediately scooped.

Lose 2-0

So some decent games throughout the day, with the last game of the day leaving me very sour at the end. I always dislike losing in those ways, as it doesn’t really come down to who played a better game, as the game is over before it even starts. Hopefully next week will have a better showing. Maybe if I get lucky, I’ll even give the new decks a try.


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