December 15th, 2012 Tournament Report

This week I decided I wanted to have some fun due to the upcoming holidays. Since set 4 came out on Friday, I decided to play a new clan I hadn’t played before, Shadow Paladin, and all I have to say is WOW. I really like the play style of Shadow Paladin. I would describe it as a combo of OTT and Royal Paladin. With lots of tutoring from deck and plenty of draw with a very consistent ride chain and multiple endgame scenarios, it is a very strong deck that I enjoy playing.

Match 1 : Shadow Paladin vs Gold Paladin

First game of the day, lets start it off strong, by being grade locked at 0. No better way to start a day right? He also misrode, missing his grade 3 ride, this allowed me to recover to some extent, but as I’d been grade locked for two turns at that point, there wasn’t much chance of me coming back. Game 2, I started off broken, with 2 Blaster Javelin, Nemain, Phantom Blaster and a Cursed Lance. I was able to ride 1 Javelin to search Blaster Dark and play another to thin out my deck by discarding and getting a Phantom Blaster. Next turn I took one damage, which I used to activate Nemain. I then played Cursed Lancer and put boosters behind Nemain and Cursed Lancer. I then attacked with all 3 to take my opponent to 3 damage, also netting a heal trigger on my Vanguard attack. Next turn, I guarded all my opponents attacks, keeping myself at 0 damage while he’s at 3. I then ride Phantom Blaster, and attack with my 3 rearguards, bringing him to 5 damage. Next turn he attacks with his vanguard and 2 rearguards and I let 2 of the attacks through. I then attacked for game on the next turn. Game 3 went almost exactly like game 2, with me again ending the game with only 2 damage.

Win 2-1

Match 2 : Shadow Paladin vs Nova Gundams

Now to go against one of the new decks. First game unfortunately, I was forced to ride SKull Witch, Nemain. I was able to also play one in the rearguard, allowing me to draw 4 cards that turn. However, being forced to ride her meant that I was a 3k vanguard for the turn. I took 3 attacks on the next turn, luckily getting a heal trigger for one of them. The game continued like this for awhile, with me barely holding on due to heal triggers and hand advantage generated by Nemain in the early game. I even got another Nemain off later in order to ditch an extra Phantom Blaster. Eventually I was able to get him on the ropes by using Phantom Blaster Dragons effect, but he was able to block it after getting a trigger on the first attack. He then won on the next turn, due to my inability to do a no crit call on his vanguard. In the second game, it started off normally, albeit with out me getting Blaster Javelin once again. This game I activated Phantom Blaster Dragon’s effect to go for game and he was forced to guard against it, then next turn I rode into Dark Dictator and attacked for game once more, and he had no choice but to let it through. Gamer 3 was the first time he didn’t get his ride chain, and the first time that I DID get my ride chain. The extra advantage allowed me to dominate this game, getting off both Nemain and Macha by turn 3. With the extra card advantage, and his inability to draw boosters, he wasn’t able to recover.

Win 2-1

Match 3 : Shadow Paladin vs Nova Gundams

So seems like this is the popular new deck of the day. This game started off strong, with both of us getting our ride chains. However, because of how new the deck is I was able to bait him into standing his Vanguard at the wrong moment, making it so he didn’t have enough cards in hand on the next turn to stop my attack. In the second game, he learned from his previous mistake and didn’t fall for the bait a second time. However, he had missed his ride so he only had a 10k vanguard, which meant that when I rode Dark Dictator for game, he needed 15k+ shield for each of the rows, allowing me to take the second game.

Win 2-0

Match 4 : Shadow Paladin vs Soulless OTT

First game I just had the more consistent rows and hand advantage, allowing me to whittle his away until I attacked for game. Second game it was the same thing, but he pushed back just as hard until I rode Dark Dictator. I attacked with all 3 of my rows and attacked for game, but he got a heal trigger. Next turn he played a Silent Tom to the rearguard and I had to no crit his attack. He had around 20 cards left with 4 crits left in deck, not good odds for me. He gets a crit and we’re on to game 3. Game 3 was pretty back and forth, with me ending up having to choose the best course of action between using Phantom Blaster or not. Eventually I decide it’s too much a risk and fill my rows to go for game. He’s forced to take my Vanguard attack for game, and I even net a stand trigger to stand my rearguard Dark Dictator. He takes his sixth damage and the game is over.

Win 2-1

Match 5: Shadow Paladin vs New Goku Kagero

New Goku Kagero? What does that mean? Well it was my Girlfriend and I in the finals, and we had just updated our Goku build by taking out Kimnara and putting in Heatnails, as combined with Aermo, they made it so all of your attacks had some kind of weight behind them, putting alot of pressure on your opponent. It makes you feel like you have to block everything when your opponent will gain advantage off it every time you don’t guard. Game 1 went really badly for me, getting no rearguards and having a hand full of triggers was really bad. I eventually called no guard as I felt that I would need the cards in my hand for the late game, and she got a crit to end the game. Game 2 was much better. I had lots of card advantage and started pressuring her really heavily. I called a Dark Mage to the rearguard and called a Blaster Dark from the top of my deck, into a back row. I decided that this would be the time to use Phantom Blaster’s effect, sacrificing my weak row and a boost, filling them with the cards in my hand right after. She had a perfect guard, but I kept the pressure on by triggering twice. Unfortunately, it got to the point where I had to guard for one to pass, and she got a crit trigger, stopping the Shadow Paladins winning streak.

Loss 0-2

Was a really fun tournament, I really enjoy the Shadow Paladin play style, and I was really happy with us netting first and second. We got half a box in prize, pulling 3 RRR and 3 RR. I think the new set will do alot for the game as it stands right now, it definitely added alot for deck diversity at my locals, instead of everyone playing Royal and Kagero. Unfortunately, I have holiday plans next week and won’t be able to do a tournament report, I just need to figure out something that I will post instead to fill the void.


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