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Full Moon, Tsukiyomi Oracle Think Tank

Since I won’t be able to make it to a tournament this week, I thought it would be nice to show off a build of Tsukiyomi that I’ve been testing. The basic idea behind this deck is that since Tsukiyomi is so consistent, I am actually able to rely on the ride chain fully to be able to get all the rides I need. It has worked out well so far, you let me know what you think:

Goddess of the Full MoonGrade 0:
1 x Godhawk, Ichibyoshi
4 x Oracle Guardian, Nike
4 x Psychic Bird
4 x Emergency Alarmer
4 x Lozenge Magus

Grade 1:
4 x Oracle Guardian, Gemini
4 x Battle Sister, Chocolat
4 x Goddess of the Crescent Moon, Tsukiyomi
2 x Battle Sister Vanilla

Grade 2:
4 x Oracle Guardian, Red Eye
4 x Goddess of the Half Moon, Tsukiyomi
4 x Silent Tom
3 x Battle Sister, Mocha

Grade 3:
4 x Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukiyomi

godhawk_ichibyoshiThe Grade 0 line-up behind this deck assumes that you will be able to draw enough using Tsukiyomi that you won’t need other sources of Draw Power. By using Stands, you add more offensive power to the deck, and also provides more defensive power through the extra 10k shields. This means that when you hit your trigger stacks, there is more offensive power waiting for you there which can assist in overwhelming your opponents defences.

The Grade 1 line-up is a standard booster line-up, with only one variation. Battle Sister, Vanilla is in the deck to provide that extra shield, as well as providing a decent booster in case you need it. The strength of these rank 1 10k shields that a lot of people don’t realize is their strength in competing against Oracle Think Tank decks and the Silent Tom’s in the deck. Since you would usually need 10k shields, and since you would usually need to use 2 cards, this actually removes a lot of the offensive power that Oracle Think Tank relies upon.

Goddess of the Half MoonThe Grade 2 line-up is meant to provide the best possible attackers for the deck, while still having the main goal of being able to get Tsukiyomi ready to use her effect. To this end, the only extra Grade 2 I run is Battle Sister, Mocha, as she is more times than not, an 11k attacker, meaning that a single stand trigger will set her up to be a decent attacker against 11k and 10k vanguards.

The Grade 3 line-up. Well, it’s just 4 Tsukiyomi. I rely on the consistence of the ride chain to be able to hit grade 3. Even if I don’t hit it the first time around, I am just driving myself closer to my stack, meaning I can break through my opponents defences if I get there.

This deck has run really well for me so far. I will say that I get gradestuck quite a bit, however, I have also won quite a few games on the turn I get to grade 3, as I am that close to my trigger stack by that point that I am able to force myself to that point. Don’t feel shy about giving this deck a try and let me know what you think.


5 thoughts on “Full Moon, Tsukiyomi Oracle Think Tank

  1. If the full moon ride chain isn’t successful, won’t grade 3 full moon gets -2000 penalty? Some more, your only grade 3 is full moon.

    • Yes, that was the point of the deck was the fact that only Full Moon is being ran as my grade 3. I got the idea from the Japanese Meta, where every Full Moon deck that was topping / winning tournaments only ran 4 Full Moon as their grade 3’s.

      • So if you miss the chain ride, how? Just let it be a vulnerable 9k vanguard and pray for red eye to soul charge any missing full moon ride in? Or keep using full moon effect to look top 5 till the ride successful? By then, you will be dead.

      • If you’re not understanding the concept, that’s fine. It obviously worked in Japan considering that every single Tsukiyomi deck that topped only ran 4 Tsukiyomi. You can look it up if you don’t believe me.

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