December 29th, 2012 Tournament Report

This week I decided to give a new build of Royal Paladins a shot, and boy did that deck ever dislike me. It just wasn’t my day as I ended up getting gradestuck in 5 of my games that day, 3 times being at grade 0. One of the gradestuck at 0 games my opponent got stuck the very next game as well, so we called it a wash and started the match over. The deck is going to need some more testing as this was obviously not a very good test of its capabilities. Lets get into a quick summary of the day.

Match 1 : Royal Paladin vs Narukami

First game, and the best game of the day. In these two games I didn’t miss a ride and was able to keep very strong rows, with Palamedes and Snogal showing some MVP status. He misrode into Thunderbreak the first game, allowing me to only need 20k to hit magic numbers, which proved very useful when he retired one of my Snogal behind my Palamedes. I was able to play Marron next turn and still hit magic numbers with my Palamedes Vanguard and other Palamedes rearguard. Next game he rode into Vermillion but didn’t get Deathscythe until much later, allowing me to keep my Snogal for almost the whole game. This allowed me to continuously beat him down, although I was gradestuck at 2 for a couple of turns.

Win 2-0

Match 2 : Royal Paladin vs Kagero

So I start off the first game, and I’m gradestuck at 0. I continue to try to play, except I didn’t get a grade 1 until 3 turns later, so it was too late. Game 2, he was gradestuck at 1, having had to ride Barri. Then the third game, I’m gradestuck at 0 again. Game was over after the second turn as I scooped it up.

Lose 1-2

Match 3 : Royal Paladin vs Oracle Think Tank

This was the match where we called it a wash and started over. So in our “third” game, we were actually beginning the first game of the best 2 of 3. The game was actually pretty good, with it going back and forth through out the whole thing. In the first game, we were both forced to guard for one to pass, I got no triggers, she got a crit trigger. In the second game, I actually got no triggers. I had 18 cards left in my deck when I lost, there were 13 triggers left in it. Just a rough game.

Lose 0-2

Match 4 : Royal Paladin vs Royal Paladin

This game went well in the first one, although I got gradestuck at 2 again, I was able to get a grade 3 my next drive check. I was able to get a full backrow of Snogal as well as 2 Palamedes rearguards. My opponent was unable to hold off the onslaught and I won. The next game, I was gradestuck again, at rank 2. I was unable to recover this time and lost. Next game, we went back and forth, and he got a heal trigger to stay alive. Next turn, I was unable to completely guard and said no guard. He got a crit. Luckily I was at 4 damage and had 3 heal triggers left in deck. However, I didn’t get any.

Lose 1-2

Overall a pretty rough day. The deck just seemed determined to not run smoothly despite my best efforts. However, when the deck ran well, it was really a great deck. I am hoping to get some more testing with it. We’ll see if the deck can perform better on a different day.


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