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Bermuda Princess, Lena Deck Profile

Due to Shadow Paladin winning this week for the poll, I’ll be doing a profile on one of my favourite builds for Bermuda, at least, when it goes off; the Lena build. It focuses around bouncing cards back to hand and abusing the draw effects in the deck. This deck has the potential to draw more than almost every other deck I know off. Lets get into the build:

Bermuda Princess, LenaGrade 0:
1 x Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Weddell
1 x Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Caravel
4 x Comical Rainie
4 x Drive Quartet, Shuplu
4 x Cooking Caspi
4 x Drive Quartet, Flows

Grade 1:
2 x Prism on the Water Myrtoa
4 x Mermaid Idol, Elly
4 x Mermaid Idol, Sedna
4 x Pearl Sisters, Perle

Grade 2:
4 x Girls’ Rock Rio
4 x Pearl Sisters, Perla
3 x Top Idol, Aqua

Grade 3:
4 x Bermuda Princess, Lena
3 x Rainbow Light, Carine

Bermuda Triangle Cadet, CaravelFor the Grade 0 line-up, I would actually run 12 crit if it was available, as the deck does have ridiculous draw power. However, since that option isn’t available, I run the 4 draw, since I really don’t like stand in this deck, due to the weaker rearguards. Weddell is an amazing starting vanguard, which can allow you to reuse any Bermuda effect whenever you want. The last one to round off the line-up is Caravel. This deck doesn’t try to win through offence, but through outlasting your opponents defences. Caravel allows your vanguard to swing for 16k, and every time you ride Lena, you can reuse her, so you only need to run one copy. When you draw this card, you win the game almost every time.

In the Grade 1’s, I really like Myrtoa as a booster, as by playing her you get a card on the field, and then you just add a new card to hand. Pearl Sister, Perle is an awesome booster that when played can provide some excellent pressure, making your opponent want to guard that attack. And since you only need to target a Perla, you can even target one on the vanguard circle, giving you a quick draw for the turn.

Girl's Rock, RioThe Grade 2 line-up is set up to allow abuse of the bouncing effects. Girls’ Rock Rio is your best candidate for bouncing, as she allows for an easy draw amd sets you up for Caravel draws through soul charging. Perla is able to bounce any card on the field, which means you can reuse and abuse different effects, including Perle. Top Idol, Aqua rounds up the line-up as your typical 10k attacker.

The Grade 3 line-up is the cover card, Lena, who is your main attacker with an effect to return all cards on the field to your hand. This triggers all the effects in the deck, as well as letting you reuse different effects. Carine is a great rearguard, as she has the same effect as Rio, increasing the consistency of the draws for the deck.

Lena has some great draw power and can outlast almost every other deck with its defensive power. The only issue I have with the deck is the fact that it requires prior setup. If your opponent attempts to disrupt the deck, it shuts down the decks draw power, which in turn shuts down it’s defensive power. When the deck works though, it is really difficult to win against it, as this deck has some incredible draw power.


3 thoughts on “Bermuda Princess, Lena Deck Profile

  1. The real problem of the deck is the power, u dont actually have strong columns, the strongest u can pull off is 16k so if u’re fighting a 13k vg he will need like 20k to guard all ur atacks, thats pretty weak. And you do have a 10k vanguard so if youre fightin agaisnt aquaforce, for example, he will atk you like crazy and u’ll drop at least 6 cards to defend if u’re 5 damage and he only needs 3 cards to block you 😛

    • All decks I post here are for the English format, and since we don’t have any of that to worry about for now, this deck works perfectly, since as you said, I can hit 16k. The strongest vanguard in the game right now is 11k so I force 10k shields out of his hand.

      • yeah, srry :). Hey i tried the deck and you’re totally right about caravell !!, i did some changes -1 carine +2 ceram for extra power. This deck is amazing in early game i can rush almost every match since i can attack with my boosters and return them later, so i can always attack 2 times per turn, even with a full trigger hands. Nice build ! 😀

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