January 5th, 2013 Tournament Report

This week Shadow Paladins won the poll, which I am perfectly fine with considering they are one of my favourite decks in the game. The deck is just so consistent and barely ever seems to miss a ride because of this. It also has some really strong draw power and tutoring which just makes it an overall force to be reckoned with. SO let’s get into the different matches today:

Match 1 : Shadow Paladin vs Royal Paladin
This match was pretty quick. The opponent was someone who is still inexperienced in the game and as such wasn’t able to put up much of a fight. Every damage I took was planned to allow me to use different effects. First game I finished him with Phantom Blasters effect, second game I finished him using rearguards.

Win 2-0

Match 2 : Shadow Paladin vs Dark Irregular
This match went very badly for me. I was unable to draw any rearguards, and every time I did get rearguards, he would just use Amon’s effect to retire them, leaving me with an empty field most of the game. It didn’t help that I couldn’t check a trigger either, making my offence just all the weaker. He double checked crits for game. I went in to game 2 hoping for a different result, but got the exact same one again. He double checked crits this game as well, draining my hand. I had no choice but to use Phantom Blaster’s effect and try to blast through his defences. He guarded for two to pass and I checked nothing again, forcing me to concede the game.

Lose 0-2

Match 3 : Shadow Paladin vs Narukami
This match was a fairly good one. In the first game, my opponent forgot to take into consideration that I was running Shadow Paladin, and put his Saishin behind his Vanguard. He then was unable to get Vermillion, which made it so he was swinging for 15k at my Vanguard for the majority of the game and couldn’t get a 10k booster to replace it because he was forced to use the ones he did get as shields. Second game went much better for him, although he didn’t have a booster behind his vanguard for the majority. I retired the one he had with Blaster Dark and he was unable to replace it till much later. The turn he did get one out, he was able to swing for game. Game 3 he was grade stuck at 0 and lost the game the turn he rode to grade 1.

Win 2-1

Match 4 : Shadow Paladin vs Angel Feather
First game went fairly well, with him just having the stronger rows in the end. He used the 11k booster with Kiriel in the deck which is an insanely strong combination forcing 25k shield to guard one trigger. It pretty much means that to beat the deck you need to take Vanguard attacks as often as possible to cut down on the amount of shield you need to use. He got the last damage and we went to game 2. This game I had a perfect hand and he ended up being grade stuck at 2, meaning that I just trounced him. In game 3 neither of us missed a ride, but his hand had no triggers and was bogged down with a few grade 3s making it hard for him to guard. I won fairly quickly as I had him at 5 damage the turn I rode to rank 3, getting a stand trigger to secure the game.

Win 2-1

Overall was a pretty solid day, was just a little disappointed in the Dark Irregular deck as I felt I could’ve done a lot better then I did. If I had been able to draw a few triggers I feel like it would have been a completely different game. But going 3-1 with the deck is a pretty solid day I would say, looking forward to see what wins next weeks poll.


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