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Lockdown Megacolony Deck Profile

So I had little hope for Megacolony, they just seemed like they needed something more, as though they were missing something really important. You will notice that I say I HAD little hope. Now my opinion has completely changed with this particular build, as it works wonderfully in the current meta. And while it is true that they could use some support, I wouldn’t say that they are at all in a bad position right now. Lets get into this build that I am talking about:

Martial Arts Mutant, Master BeetleGrade 0:
1 x Megacolony Battler C
4 x Sharp Nail Scorpio
2 x Awakening Dragonfly
2 x Sonic Cicada
4 x Raider Mantis
4 x Medical Battler, Ranpli

Grade 1:
4 x Paralyze Madonna
4 x Megacolony Battler B
4 x Karma Queen
3 x Stealth Millepede

Grade 2:
4 x Lady Bomb
4 x Tail Joe
3 x Bloody Hercules

Grade 3:
4 x Martial Arts Mutant, Master Beetle
3 x Hell Spider

Before we get into anything, as you can see this deck is very counterblast heavy, yet while it might seem like it’s too much, the deck runs beautifully. Use your counterblasts sparingly to activate different effects to disrupt your opponent. One such disruption is making it so the booster behind their Vanguard can’t stand. If they attack unboosted, easy guard. If they replace the booster, you basically just retired it rather then disrupting them for a single turn. The sheer amount of effects and pressure that this deck can create can make it on par with disruption with decks such as Goku.

Megacolony Battler CFor the Grade 0 line-up, we have really 0 choice for our triggers. However, by mixing up the stand triggers, we can create doubt in our opponents about how many of them we are actually running. For starting Vanguard, Giraffa can create advantage if it is ridden, but if you don’t ride it you are at a minus 1. This makes Megacolony Battler C better all around, as he will move back every time, despite what rides him. His effect also makes people want to stop him from hitting, in the same way that they don’t want to let Heatnail through.

In the Grade 1 line-up, we have a line-up for maximum disruption and pressure. The 10k booster for Megacolony, Stealth Millipede, is basically unconditional, as it’s condition is basically that your opponent attacked last turn. Karma Queen provides a great lock card that is also a 7k booster. Battler B allows a cheaper alternative for 6k power, which works great in a deck with so many 11 and 10k attackers.

Lady BombThe Grade 2 line-up is setup with the idea of control as well as attacking as much as possible for the proper numbers. Tail Joe can attack with pretty much any booster behind him and be fine, as long as his effect has triggered. Bloody Hercules is in the same boat. While Lady Bomb needs Karma Queen to hit proper numbers against 11k vanguards, her effect is another lock effect, letting you disrupt your opponent again.

In the Grade 3’s, we actually have no bad rides. While obviously you prefer Mutant Master Beetle as he is an 11k vanguard, Hell Spider is fine as the vanguard with his +3k effect. Master Beetle is able to lock your opponent at limit break, for a fairly expensive cost. I would not plan around using his effect, as it could cripple the different uses that your deck has, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use it when it is available. Hell Spider has the same effect as Karma Queen and Lady Bomb, allowing you to lock any particular unit when he is played. This makes him a great Rearguard rank 3 in the deck.

The deck revolves around locking your opponents actions down and directing him towards different, unideal actions. By locking down his different boosters and attackers, you allow yourself to keep guard in your hand for when you reach the endgame. The deck thrives off of smart decisions and skillful play in disrupting your opponent, with the added bonus of having an 11k Vanguard. This deck is definitely stronger than it first seems.


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