January 12th, 2013 Tournament Report

This week Megacolony won the poll and I was really looking forward to the deck, as it had ran so well in testing. It seems the deck had different plans, however, and cut them short. It is really too bad as I really enjoy playing Megacolony since you do need to think a bit but the deck has some very decent power behind it. Well, lets get into the matchers.

Match 1 : Megacolony vs Kagero
Against a newer player who was running the Amber Dragon ride chain, first game I get no triggers and am unable to get a full field, allowing him to push extremely hard and go for game after getting 6 triggers in 4 turns. Second game I’m gradestuck at 2 for 6 turns, but I am swinging for 21k with my vanguard. He guards for one to pass eventually and I don’t get a trigger, losing the game.

Lose 0-2

Match 2 : Megacolony vs Granblue
This match was very quick. The player is still relatively new and misplays alot, which makes Granblue a really poor choice for his deck. First game I just never let his vangaurds booster stand, and in the second game, I actively pressured him and controlled the game. He eventually guarded for one to pass and I got a Draw trigger to win.

Win 2-0

Match 3 : Megacolony vs Oracle Think Tank

This game got pretty close. I lost the first game cause my opponent never had anything I could trap. I don’t remember the second and third game much, but I do remember that in the third game, he got off around 4 heal triggers and I was ready to facedesk if he got another. I did end up winning it though.

Win 2-1

Match 4 : Megacolony vs Angel Feather

The first game I don’t remember much cept his attacks eventually became too much. The second game was an amazing one, with both players getting off all 4 heals in their deck, making it really fun. Eventually I was able to break through his defences, and there wasn’t even a heal left in deck for him to get. Third game really sucked, with me having plenty of chances to win, but with no luck on my side. I went around 4-5 turns getting no triggers and on what would be my final turn, he gets a trigger for his 5th damage to make him +7k.

Lose 2-1

Match 5 : Megacolony vs Gold Paladin

This game was really quick. I completely overwhelmed my opponent in both games never letting him attack with more than one full row. Both games lasted around 5 minutes.

All in all not a bad showing, but not really the showing I was hoping for. Unfortunately bad luck in the first game pretty much killed any chances I had, making Match 4 pivotal on whether I would place. If I had won match 4 and then the match 5, I would have come first, but without it, I wasn’t able to make it into the top 4. It’s too bad, because the deck is very strong and caught alot of people by surprise on how strong it is. I was hoping to bring it to a better showing but I guess I will just need to try another time.


4 thoughts on “January 12th, 2013 Tournament Report

  1. Look like it doesn’t matter what clan you play. In the end, it all boil down to who get to ride successfully and who get to drive check more trigger.

  2. One more thing, it would have been better if you have elaborate in detail what kind of deck they play. For example, did the OTT player play moon deck, CEO deck, witch deck?

    • God damn man do you ever have anything positive to say? Every time I see you post something on this blogs it’s nothing but negative comments.

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