January 19th, 2013 Tournament Report

So this week it was Gold Paladin that won the poll, and I decided to run the Garmore – Ezel build. Although I really enjoy playing the deck, I don’t play it much as many people don’t enjoy playing against Gold Paladin due to the large amount of players that play the deck. Saying that, it was an interesting day, with a lot of different players. Lets get into the different matches.

Match 1 : Gold Paladin vs Oracle Think Tank
Game 1 went pretty much like clockwork, getting multiple Garmore rides, calling the Nemean Lion to the rearguard for the inevitable Silent Tom plays. Was not able to get any triggers all game, but was able to overall win the game through smart play and maintaining advantage. Second game my opponent was gradestuck at grade 2, but again I was unable to get any triggers to keep my advantage and he was able to take the game due to my lack of shield in hand. Game 3, my opponent is gradestuck at 0 unfortunately, and is never able to ride before the game is over.

Win 2-1

Match 2 : Gold Paladin vs Angel Feather
Game 1 went like clockwork again, however I was still not seeing any triggers from my deck. I was able to win the game by pushing him to 5 damage early and forcing him to take a final damage through 20k+ rows. Game 2 I was able to push him to 5 damage extremely early, with a Heal Trigger coming through to save him on the same turn. I still hadn’t seen any triggers from my deck, and during his final turn he needed to use every card in his hand to stay alive, and I was unable to guard. Third game, once again NO triggers, and ended up with 7 of my 8 rank 3’s in the first 20 cards of my deck. This match ended relatively quick considering he was unable to ride to Shamsiel.

Lose 1-2

Match 3 : Gold Paladin vs Pale Moon
Game 1 I’m starting to get a little annoyed, as I am still seeing no triggers from my deck. I have only seen them on damage checks and even then I am only seeing them on the last damage of the turn. I am able to take the first game through heavy pressure from my deck creating 20k+ rearguard attacks with Gigantech. Second game I have still seen no triggers. I am forced to take my sixth damage and I finally find a trigger, a heal. My opponent also gets a heal trigger, allowing him to survive my next turn as I of course don’t trigger again. Game 3 my opponent is grade stuck at 0 again and the game ends very quickly.

Win 2-1

Match 4 : Gold Paladin vs Royal Paladin
Seems my deck is determined not to work today, as game 1 I start gradestuck at 0, with only Grade 2’s and a grade 3 in hand. I am forced to take massive damage early, and ride Halo Shield, Mark on my third turn. Way to late, as she ends the game that turn with me having nothing to guard. Game 2 was very good, with the game going back and forth. She is forced to use her entire hand and field to guard against me, and I feel like I may come out alive as I have enough to guard her Alfred attack and enough to 10k guard a rearguard. However, she top decks into Palamedes and the game is over.

Lose 2-0

Overall a pretty weak day, with me just unable to hit any triggers. Being gradestuck at 0 at the end of the day was just a perfect ending to it. I was able to pick up my 4 No Life Kings and finish the deck, which I play tested with both the Royal Paladin player and the Pale Moon player. My luck continued with that deck though so I decided to call it a day. Honestly, wouldn’t have minded losing the games I did except for the fact that I just couldn’t hit a single trigger. If I had seen more of them the game would have been more enjoyable that day, as well as possibly having different outcomes.


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