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No Life King Dark Irregulars

This week has shown Dark Irregulars taking it by storm, most likely due to everyone wanting to see one of the less played decks. Dark Irregulars has always been a thorny deck with me, as it just never feels right when I’m playing it, although there is something missing. Even now I still have that feeling playing it. I haven’t had much time to play it, so I have yet to come up with a final build. However, my build at this time looks something like this:

No Life King, Death AnchorGrade o:
1 x Vermillion Gatekeeper
4 x Mad Hatter of Nightmareland
4 x Cheshire Cat of Nightmareland
4 x Dark Knight of Nightmareland
4 x Blitzritter

Grade 1:
4 x Poet of Darkness, Amon
4 x March Rabbit of Nightmareland
4 x Doreen the Thruster
3 x Alluring Succubus

Grade 2:
4 x Demon of Aspiration, Amon
4 x Flirtatious Succubus
3 x Cyber Beast

Grade 3:
4 x No Life King, Death Anchor
2 x Evil Eye Basilisk
1 x Still Vampir

Vermillion GatekeeperGrade 0 line-up only really has one surprise, in the form of Vermillion Gatekeeper. It is very easy to explain however, as he is the only starter that doesn’t require a counterblast to activate. Due to Death Anchor’s requirement for 5 face-up damage, it is very important to have no counterblasts in the deck. You never want to rely on heals in order to activate effects.

In the Grade 1’s, I chose to run 15 of them, as due to the lack of retreating starter, I need boosters very quickly to fill my field. Also, due to Death Anchor’s skill happening at the beginning of the main phase, Doreen is at least a 9k booster every turn. With Amon’s low requirement of needing 6 in soul, he is also a 9k booster. This means that all of my rows are almost always hitting magic numbers, and possibly even forcing Those great 15k+ guards from my opponent. Alluring is in here as she provides a good clutch booster and the soul charge can also help in some tricky situations.

Flirtatious SuccubusFor the Grade 2 line-up, I run Grade 2 Amon, as he is able to hit 11k with no issues. I run Flirtatious as well, as she is again able to help me hit that 8 in soul very easily. With Cyber Beast, I am always able to hit 16k with him, thanks to the large amounts of 9k boosters in the deck. This provides another row of pressure, as my opponent is forced to choose between blocking my other row for 15k, or allowing me to draw a card.

In the Grade 3’s, I run 4 Death Anchor, as he is my main Vanguard. Being able to boost himself up to 11k the turn after I ride him almost guaranteed, he also gains 2k power every turn. This means that he is able to swing for 21k+ every turn with a booster. Evil Eye is able to hit 21k in the rearguard, again forcing some large amounts of guard from my opponent. Still Vampir is one that I am definitely toying with the idea of running more, as he is a great card to activate to go for game. While he cuts off access to your Death Anchor’s effect, it pretty much guarantees the game when he is used properly.

Overall the deck runs pretty decently. It gives some great pressure on your opponent almost all the time, and with his effect allowing him to hit upwards of 30k, he can smash through your opponents defences when they least expect it. If you are able to pilot this deck past the inevitable rocky areas it has, the deck can be very scary when you hit those late periods of the game.


4 thoughts on “No Life King Dark Irregulars

  1. Ohhh, I got it. Didn’t want to be ”that guy”, just asked because I’m a big fan, I read your reports every week, keep up with the good job. =)

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