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Soulless Oracle Think Tank

So as many of you may have noticed, there was no poll this week. I’ve put the poll on hold right now, as it has caused me to not enjoy the game like I used to. So until I have gotten that back, the poll is on hiatus. That won’t stop me from bringing you the weekly deck profiles, however, so lets get into it. This week is Soulless Oracle Think Tank. I thought it was appropriate to do this deck, considering they just got a considerable boost with the release of the OTT structure deck. They will be receiving another boost with the release of Set 5, when they are able to finally run 12 crit. So let’s get into the decklist:

Scarlet Witch CocoGrade 0:
1 x Little Witch, Lulu
4 x Oracle Guardian, Nike
4 x Psychic Bird
4 x Lozenge Mague
2 x Miracle Kid
1 x Victory Maker
1 x Dream Eater

Grade 1:
2 x Luck Bird
2 x Weather Girl, Milk
3 x Dark Cat
4 x Battle Sister, Chocolat
4 x Oracle Guardian, Gemini

Grade 2:
4 x Silent Tom
4 x Oracle Guardian, Wiseman
3 x Battle Sister, Mocha

Grade 3:
4 x Scarlet Witch, Coco
3 x Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya

Little Witch, LuluFor the Grade 0 line-up, I obviously run Little Witch, Lulu, as she empties the soul when you ride your Grade 3, allowing you to you Coco’s effect. I also run 8 crit, 4 draw. I would run 12 crit, but as stated above, that isn’t available till set 5. The deck definitely gets stronger once we are able to do that. Psychic Bird is especially useful, allowing you to get that second card in soul without sacrificing your hand.

In the Grade 1 line-up, I run the 2 Luck Birds to empty my soul after I ride Coco the second time, using Psychic Bird to get myself that second soul. I run the Weather Girl, Milk, due to the fact that as a 10k booster, she can let me hit those magic numbers against 10k vanguards even if my soul isn’t empty, as well as allowing me to hit 23k against crossrides. I also run 3 Dark Cat, as he allows me to get one card on the field while losing nothing in my hand. You need to make sure to be careful with Dark Cat, as you don’t want to use him multiple times and give your opponent to many cards.

Silent TomThe Grade 2 line-up is pretty basic. I run 4 Silent Tom, as usual for an Oracle Think Tank deck. I also run 4 Oracle Guardian, Wiseman, due to the fact that as a 10k Vanilla, he is very difficult to get off the field if I want to keep him, where as Silent Tom and Mocha can be hit for 18k, forcing me to lose them. Also with Wiseman, I am able to hit 18k, again allowing me to get rid of those annoying 8k rearguards. To round off my line-up I run 3 Battle Sister, Mocha, as she is a very strong addition to the line-up.

For the Grade 3 line-up, I, of course, run 4 Scarlet Witch, Coco. As the main Vanguard of the deck, she is extremely strong, allowing you to draw 2 when you ride her. Sakuya rounds off the line-up, allowing you to reset your field when you ride her, as well as getting +4k attack power when you have 4 or more in hand. This line-up makes it so there are no bad rides, as well as the fact that after Coco has been used twice, she won’t be hitting quite as hard. Sakuya lets you get around that.

The deck provides great defence and offence with little setup needed on your side. If an OTT deck goes off properly, it is quite impossible to get around them, as they just have so many cards available to them to guard and attack.


7 thoughts on “Soulless Oracle Think Tank

    • I’m not planning to go back and change any articles. I think it’s kinda cool to have the older decks on here. Saying that, there was only really one change to the soulless build with the release of set 5. We changed the trigger line-up to be 2 draw 10 crit. It’s working really well, gives you that extra offence from the crit and defence from the 10k shields. Other than that, the grade 2 line-up can also be shaken up a bit, as Silent Tom has lost some of his value. If you have any other questions, just let me know!

  1. I have a question about the 8 crit build.
    I personally loved the defensive tactics of the OTT, so I was thinking to run 4 crit 8 draw 4 heal. would this be viable?

    *4 lozen magus, 4 dream eater, 4 victory maker, 4 psychic bird

    • The big thing with running 8 draw in ott is you actually end up crippling your defense. By running 8 draw you will end up drawing your triggers more often then activating them, and you won’t have enough 10k shield in deck to guard effectively.

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