February 2nd, 2013 Tournament Report

This week I want back to my old favourite, Royal Paladin. As stated on the Deck Profile today, I’m focusing on enjoying the game right now, more than anything else. I have always enjoyed Royal Paladin as they are almost impossible to get Grade Stuck with, while having some really decent rearguards and quite a bit utility. The day went pretty decently, with only one game where I really feel it could have gone differently.

Game 1 : Royal Paladin vs Royal Paladin
My opponent was playing Garmore Royal Paladin, and for the most part it seemed to be working for him. First game was rough for me, as I was unable to get any rearguards all game and was forced to ride Palamedes. I wasn’t even able to get a grade 3 in the rearguard, meaning I ended up at a disadvantage all game. Game 2 went much better, however I had to use Pongal to avoid being gradestuck. I ended up with Soul Saver as my vanguard all game, although I did get a Palamedes to play in the rearguard. I was able to push for game soon after, thanks to Palamedes. Game 3 was going pretty decently, although I was forced to ride Soul Saver again (something that will continue for the rest of the day). I was forced to guard for one to pass eventually, but he got no triggers. He was then forced to guard for one to pass against me, but I was able to hit the critical trigger for game.

Win 2-1

Game 2 : Royal Paladin vs Oracle Think Tank
This game went pretty poorly for me. I again didn’t get Alfred in the first game, and I was just unable to get any boosters to help me out. Even with this, he was forced to guard for one to pass, but I didn’t get any luck this time. He took the game in the next turn. This game went much better for me, I was able to get a full field and even got to ride Alfred this game. However, I had very little luck with triggers, and didn’t see a perfect shield all game. With OTT having such a strong offensive presence, I unfortunately lost the game even with my opponent having to drop his entire hand.

Loss 0-2

Game 3 : Royal Paladin vs Royal Paladin
This game was very strong for me. I believe I was paired down, however, as my opponent was running a Royal Paladin structure decks with some Alfreds added in. I took both games in quick succession, as the pressure from Palamedes ended up being too much for him.

Win 2-0

Game 4 : Royal Paladin vs Gold Paladin
First game was a little unfortunate, with both me and my opponent getting gradestuck. However, I was gradestuck at grade 2, while he was gradestuck at grade 1. This allowed me to make some rearguard rows that would hit him really hard, allowing me to drain any guard he could provide very quickly, and pushing for game. Second game went much better for him, but it also went really well for me. I was able to ride Alfred this game, which allowed me to hit for the right numbers on his vanguard. After a turn where I drained my hand guarding, I rode my Soul Saver Dragon and took the game.

Win 2-0

Game 5 : Royal Paladin vs Dimension Police
First game was pretty funny actually, as I had been having no luck with triggers, but had ridden and called Palamedes, letting me hit for some good numbers. My opponent forgot he was at 4 damage and guarded for one to pass, I got a crit trigger and ended the game at turn 4. Game 2 unfortunately my opponent was gradestuck, but he had gotten the ride chain off. He was able to draw quite a few cards using the grade 2’s effect, but the grade 3’s just weren’t showing up. I took the game after riding Soul Saver Dragon.

Win 2-0

Overall the tournament went pretty decently, although I wished the game against OTT could have gone better. Royal Paladin just allowed me to enjoy the game again, as it is almost impossible to be gradestuck with the deck. I’ll probably play it for a bit, as it has many different variations and builds to look forward to.


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