Bushiroad Tournament Plans 2013

This week is going to be a quick one, but it is still something that people should be aware of to get the most preparation time possible. Bushiroad has announced their tournament timeline for the English format and it is shaping up to be a good one. As it stands right now, they are actually planning to run two different types of tournaments in conjunction with each other, but in such a way that it should not interfere with participation in either tournament. This means that fighters should have the opportunity to play in both tournament types with few issues.

The first tournament type is the Cardfight!! Vanguard Stand Up Challenge Cup. Based around the same idea as Fighters Road, it will pit fighters in single, one-on-one fights. The tournament schedule has yet to be posted, but what we do know is that it will take place from March – June 2013, giving us a rough idea of when to expect a more concrete schedule. This is the one to look forward too if you have yet to form a strong tie with any other fighters.

For those of you who have formed a team, or are interested in the idea, Bushiroad has announced the Cardfight!! Vanguard Team League. These will pit teams of 3 against each other in a best of 3 match up with the other team. This requires your team to be fully prepared have a solid strategy allowing for the different players to perform their rolls to the best of their abilities. This scene will see some extreme variance, as strategy actually plays a huge part before the game even starts. Order of players can be the difference of victory or defeat in this format. This tournament is to be held in the April – July 2013 time frame.

So this is just a quick little blurb to give people something to be excited about. I’ll be talking about tournament preparation and the like next week, continuing with the spirit of this announcement.


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