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Blaukruger Nova Grapplers Deck Profile

This week we’re gonna go over Blaukruger Nova Grapplers. While the Nova Grappler clan did get a boost with the release of the Trial Deck, Blaukruger deck itself has remained pretty much the same. Being an extremely offensive deck, it is extremely possible to end the game with this deck when you ride to rank 3, as with the risk of a critical trigger always being present and a self-standing vanguard, your opponent can find it difficult to defend against at times. Lets get into how I build them:

Stern BlauklugerGrade 0:
1 x Blaujanger
4 x Shining Lady
4 x Fighting Battleship, Prometheus
4 x Red Lightning
4 x Ring Girl, Clara

Grade 1:
3 x Tough Boy
4 x Twin Blader
4 x Blaupanzer
4 x Dancing Wolf

Grade 2:
4 x King of Sword
4 x Blaukruger
3 x Magician Girl, Kirara

Grade 3:
4 x Stern Blaukruger
3 x Asura Kaiser

BlaujungerFor the grade 0 line-up, I prefer 12 critical triggers over the traditional 8 crit 4 draw. This is due to the fact that if your vanguard attack hits your opponent in the early game, you can win or severely cripple them that same turn if you get a critical trigger. I have toyed with the idea of running some Stand Triggers to abuse Dancing Wolfs effect, but haven’t gotten around to testing it yet.

In the Grade 1’s, I prefer running the 4 Dancing Wolf over the 4 Tough Boy, mostly due to the fact that Dancing Wolf is very important to have behind my vanguard, while Tough Boy could go anywhere. The reason behind Dancing Wolf’s importance is you want to make it so if your opponent does let the attack through, he can’t second guess himself later without serious card commitment. Tough Boy is a very important card, don’t get me wrong, but due to the numbers why are trying to hit at this time, he isn’t as important quite yet. Once we see the emergence of 13k and 2k vanguards, he becomes much more important.

BlauklugerThe grade 2 line-up is pretty basic, as there isn’t much flexibility. 4 King of Sword is pretty much required, as 10k bruisers are very important in the deck. I choose 4 Blaukruger as I always want my Stern Blaukruger to be at 11k. The 3 Magician Girl, Kirara is the only place where there is any real flexibility, as you could choose a couple of different options. Since I always want 2 counterblasts open, I chose to not use Brutal Jack, as he can be very counterblast heavy at times. Kirara can net you a card when needed, and usually will only go off once, which is all you require.

Grade 3’s is, again, pretty basic. While I could run Death Metal Droid, the deck doesn’t require it, as Asura Kaiser is 11k in the rearguard, and is a good ride if you don’t get Stern Blaukruger to hand. As usual, I run 4 of the card I want to ride the most.

I play Blaukruger hyper aggressive, usually winning around turn 3, when I ride to Stern. Since most opponents aren’t prepared to guard against a Vanguard attack this turn, a single critical can end the game at this critical point. It is important to take into account when the proper time to stand the Vanguard is. Stern Blaukruger is a -1, using his effect will leave you at a disadvantage unless you are able to seriously cripple or defeat your opponent on the turn you use it.


4 thoughts on “Blaukruger Nova Grapplers Deck Profile

  1. Hi. Just recently started vanguard and bought this deck online. I am new to this game and i know i need to adjust against “crossrides”: How would you combat this types of deck? My friends say i should just quit stern because he is no longer viable.. i really dont wanna do that as i just recently got the deck and tbh i love this deck concept and playstyle =(

    • A deck is ALWAYS viable as long as you build it around the various numbers you need to reach. In this particular case, I would probably take out Magician Girl, Kirara and put in a card like Brutal Jack or Eisenkugel. Both of them can hit the numbers mucher easier. I would probably also take out a Dancing Wolf for another tough boy. You could also play around with taking out the Asura Kaiser’s for Death Metal Droids.

  2. I’m playing a stern deck as well. Try adding ethics buster for the 10k power boost that way the VG attack will be much harder to guard. Moreover when it passes and its a crit, your oppenent will unlikely be able to guard again. Instant gamechanger

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