February 9th, 2013 Tournament Report

Playing Royal Paladins again this week. They just have the kind of consistency I like in a deck with some very strong offensive and defensive options. They are able to get lots of free cards, especially with the Drangal ride chain, which I believe is still the better option at the moment. Bluegal is just so lacklustre, I prefer to take the risk. Had quite a few new faces and reached around 20 players this week. I understand they did pretty decently for people new to the game / new to the tournament scene.

Match 1 : Royal Paladin vs Angel Feather
First game went pretty quickly, with me getting my ride chain off perfectly. I didn’t have a grade 3 in hand but Pongal took care of that for me. Even with having to ride Soul Saver as my first Vanguard, I was too ahead in advantage and kept the pressure on him, not allowing him to catch up. I got a critical trigger to pass his guard and take the game. Game 2 was alot closer. We both rode without issues, although I was forced to use Pongal again to achieve this. The game was pretty back and forth and eventually I had to give him 1 to pass. He didn’t get it and I took the game on the next turn.

Win 2-0

Match 2 : Royal Paladin vs Dark Irregulars
First game I was unfortunately gradetstuck at 1, with Marron as my vanguard. Regardless, I was able to trigger well and pressured him very hard, forcing him to 5 damage with few cards in hand. He ended up using Death Anchors effect 2 turns in a row, with me able to perfect guard the first one. I misplayed a little bit on the next one, as I gave him 2 to pass and he got a critical. He put it to a rearguard and I didn’t have enough shield to stop it. Game 2 went much better for me, being able to pressure him very hard. I crit him and he double healed me once, then I took the game on the next turn. Next game he was gradestuck at 2, but he was able to double heal me again. However, I countered his double heal on the next turn with a double crit, taking the match.

Win 2-1

Match 3 : Royal Paladin vs Narukami
I’m pretty sure this guy was running a Narukami starter deck, but he had won 2 games so far. In my first hand I was gradestuck at 1, with no ride chain to help me try to get to 2. However, I top decked my grade 2 on the turn I needed to ride, allowing me to keep on pace. I had Alfred and Palamedes in hand, allowing me to take the game pretty handily after that. Next game I had way too many grade 3’s in hand, but it involved both Alfred and Palamedes, with Marron mixed in there. Got the ride chain off, allowing me to use my cards in hand to pressure him really hard and take the game early.

Win 2-0

Match 4 : Royal Paladin vs Oracle Think Tank
Was against a Soulless OTT deck, and we were the only 3-0 left in the tourney today. This meant that pretty much whoever won this round, would be the winner of the whole tourney. Game 1 he unfortunately missed his Coco ride, but was able to get Souffle. Thanks to this he was able to put a little pressure on me, but I rode Alfred and thanks to using his ability, was able to keep the advantage and take the game. Game 2 he also had to use Souffle again, unfortunately. This game however I had to ride Soul Saver. I still kept the advantage and took the game after guarding for 1 to pass.

Win 2-0

Match 5 : Royal Paladin vs Kagero
Unfortunately ended up grade stuck in the first game. Was unable to recover to any great degree and lost the game. Second game he was gradestuck at 2 and he was unable to recover. Game 3 he was gradestuck for 1 turn, then rode into Lawkeeper. This allowed me to pressure him hard as being a 10k allowed my Alfred to hit very hard and even made my Palamedes rows easier to make. Took the game with a crit trigger.

Win 2-1

Overall a pretty strong showing, with some very good games. Had a few that were just too bad, as it would have been nice if things had gone better for either side in some of them. I’m still very happy with how Royal Paladins are running and am very excited for set 5, where they will be seeing quite a boost. Should be an interesting week next week, with the Draft. Don’t know how I’m gonna write that one up.


5 thoughts on “February 9th, 2013 Tournament Report

    • It is very similar to my previous Alfred Royal Paladin build with only a few differences.

      Grade 0
      1 x Drangal
      4 x Bringer of Good Luck, Epona
      4 x Alabaster Owl
      4 x Future Knight, Llew
      4 x Yggdrasil Maiden

      Grade 1
      4 x Flash Shield, Iseult
      4 x Little Sage Marron
      4 x Knight of Quests, Galahad
      3 x Pongal

      Grade 2
      4 x Knight of Tribulations, Galahad
      3 x Knight of Silence, Gallatin
      1 x Blaster Blade
      3 x Knight of Determination, Lamorak

      Grade 3
      2 x Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes
      2 x Soul Saver Dragon
      3 x King of Knights, Alfred

      My previous build is here :

    • Right now you definitely want to run at least 3 Alfred, as he’s the best ride your deck has to offer. Running 3 Palamedes definitely works, as my previous build was still very consistent. One of the reasons I’m running the deck the way I am now is that with the release of set 5, we need to worry about 12k and 13k vanguards, making those 10k vanillas very important. Toypugal is a very good card, allowing your 9k rearguards to hit that all important 18k number, as well as hitting 17k with your 8k rearguards.

      Basically what alot of builds come down to is personal preference. Akane is a very good card, I just prefer not to run her right now. Same with Toypugal. The only real “rules” you need to follow in deck construction is to always run the vanguard you want to ride in the highest numbers. So if you run 3 Palamedes, you should run at least 3 Alfred. Otherwise you will end up riding Palamedes more than you will Alfred.

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