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Draft Deck Profile

So as many of you know, today is the Draft Sneak Peek for Booster Set 5. I will be taking part in it and I thought that this would be a good chance for something a little interesting. I won’t be posting a deck as per usual, but when I get back from the draft, I’ll post what I ended up running for the day. Should be a little interesting. This post will be edited around 7p.m EST. See you all then!


We actually had 28 people show up for the draft, but only had enough product for 16 to enter, as that was the limit set by Bushiroad. We ran a little tournament on the side for those that showed up too late, but I was got there in time to sign up for the draft. I went 3-1 today, only losing to 2 games of my opponent getting 2 heals off. I did technically misplay on the final turn, but I had no way of knowing that I would be getting the drive check I did. If I had kept 5k shield in hand, I would have decked my opponent out.

Grade 0:
1 x Pea Knight
2 x Critical Trigger
3 x Stand Trigger
3 x Draw Trigger
1 x Heal Trigger

Grade 1:
2 X Dream Painter
1 x Lady of the Sunlight Forest
1 x Stealth Beast, Million Rat
1 x Blade Seed Squire
1 x Anthrodroid
1 x Madcap Marionette
1 x Corolla Dragon
1 x Knight of Friendship, Kay
1 x Caramel Popcorn

Grade 2:
1 x Super Dimensional Robo, Dailady
1 x Dark Soul Conductor
1 x Stealth Beast, White Mane
1 x Hey Yo Pineapple
1 x Burning Horn Dragon
1 x Battle Maiden, Tagisuhime
1 x Knight of Verdure, Gene

Grade 3:
1 x Avatar of the Plains, Behemoth
1 x Powerful Sage, Bairon
1 x King of Diptera, Beelzebub

Overall the deck ran really smoothly. I probably could have made some different decisions with the triggers, maybe getting a few more, maybe getting a few less draws, but by the last 3 packs I had very few grade 2’s and had to start taking as many as I could get. Avatar of the Plains, Behemoth was a real powerhouse in the deck, allowing me to keep advantage over my opponent and keeping the risk of me standing one of my rearguards. Overall, I won 3 matches and lost 1, while winning 7 games and losing 2. I’m very certain that if my opponent hadn’t double healed in either of the games I would have taken the tournament. While that may be the case, I did come second and therefore, got a mat.

There won’t be a tournament report tomorrow, as it just doesn’t really make sense to report on the draft, when it’s pretty much summed up in my above post. Hope you all had as much fun at your draft as we did!


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