Stand Up Challenge Cup 2013

Recently Bushiroad announced the Stand Up Challenge Cup for 2013. It was billed as a North American Championship to find the best Vanguard Players in North America but there was something missing when they posted the qualifier locations. While it was billed as a North American Tournament, there were no Canadian locations. All tournament qualifier locations were United States only, leaving Canadians high and dry. While many people have attempted to contact Bushiroad about this, there has yet to be a response.

The implications of this are actually rather large, as while it’s billed as a North American Tournament, half of North America has been excluded. I myself actually reside in Canada, which makes qualifying a difficult thing for me to attempt. I would love for the opportunity to test myself on the world stage, to compare myself to many types of people and see if I truly stack up. After all, if I win at locals consistently, but my locals turns out to be a low level, where do I truly stand? This is something I would love to find out. But due to the store qualifiers being only in America, I need to plan a trip to even have a chance. Not to mention that the qualifiers are all capped at 16 or 30 players, meaning that we could end up travelling all that way and then be unable to even sign-up.

If any of you feel as I do, or if you wish to attempt to help the Canadian players have a fair chance, please send Bushiroad emails at and I will be continuing to do so in hopes that I hear a response that in some way lets me know what’s happening. Thank you to everyone that takes the time to support this.


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