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Majesty Lord Blaster Deck Profile

As many of you know, Set 5 has come out and with it, some highly sought after cards have been released. One of those cards is Majesty Lord Blaster. Royal Paladin on its own is a highly consistent deck, able to call cards from deck to fill the field, as well as many of the cards gaining power from their brethren on the field. Majesty Lord Blaster expands on this archetype, focusing on the Blaster units that the title characters place much of their faith in. It is extremely varied, with no build being totted as THE build for Majesty. Here’s my take on the build:

Majesty Lord BlasterGrade 0:
1 x Wingal Brave
4 x Alabaster Owl
4 x Future Knight, Llew
4 x Bringer of Good Luck, Epona
4 x Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine

Grade 1:
4 x Little Sage, Marron
4 x Flash Shield, Iseult
4 x Knight of Friendship, Kay
3 x Toypugal

Grade 2:
4 x Blaster Blade
3 x Blaster Dark
3 x Star Call Trumpeter
1 x Knight of Loyalty, Bedivere

Grade 3:
3 x Majesty Lord Blaster
2 x Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes
1 x King of Knights, Alfred
1 x Solitary Knight, Gancelot

Wingal BraveFor the grade 0 line-up, I am actually still testing this build out, making changes here and there. One thing that I am heavily considering is reducing the amount of crit in this deck and adding in a few draw triggers. Majesty creates a little less advantage than the other Royal Paladin builds and I feel like a couple of draw triggers may help to even it out a little. Wingal Brave is obviously a staple, as the card is absolutely amazing. When it boosts a Blaster unit and the attack hits, you can put it to soul and add a Blaster unit from deck to hand. That is incredibly good.

For the grade 1’s, I really like how this line-up is working out. The big thing to remember is that with Dragonic Overlord the End being released along with Phantom Blaster Overlord, a big number to aim to hit now is 18k. With the amount of 9k rearguards I have in the deck thanks to Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark, Toypugal actually pulls his weight really well here, allowing for those units to hit for 18k. Since it won’t matter if they’re hitting for a lower number when I’m against the End, his condition is pretty non-restrictive. I really like the 4 Knight of Friendship, Kay, as they are 10k attackers in a pinch, 7k boosters when not attacking. Being that versatile is really nice and definitely merits a spot in the deck.

Card at the ReadyFor my grade 2 line-up, I go for as much consistency as possible. You really want your Majesty Lord to hit that 12k, and early too. By running 4 Blaster Blade and 3 Blaster Dark, I pretty much I guarantee I will draw 1 of them early. With 3 Star Call Trumpeters in deck, I make it an easy task to get the other one onto the field. I run 1 Bedivere as he’s a 12k attacker, so running Gallatin or Lamarok in that slot would be a little silly.

The grade 3 line-up is really one of the reasons I enjoy Majesty Lord. It is really diverse and spread out, as Royal Paladin just has so many strong grade 3’s to draw from. I run 3 Majesty Lord, as I can search him from the deck using Wingal Brave if I don’t have him in my starting hand. 2 Palamedes also make their way in as I just find them to be incredible in almost every situation. Even against crossrides they are able to hit them unboosted. A King of Knights, Alfred also sneaks his way in, as his effect is able to be used in the rearguard, giving some very nice tutoring from deck that can be heavily abused. Gancelot rounds off the line-up, giving me another search for Blaster Blade that can end up being a game changer.

Consistency, killing power, and defensive strength. Majesty Lord Blaster has them all and does an excellent job of abusing it’s strengths. This deck will be a powerhouse and will be one of the decks to beat in the upcoming tournaments. If you find yourself struggling against it, you may need to adjust your strategy. While playing Majesty Lord, make sure to use your resources smartly and pressure your opponent constantly. Get Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark in soul as quickly as possible, as once you hit the later stages of the game, Majesty Lords extra crit won’t provide as much pressure. Play smart, play strong, and your opponents won’t have a chance.


4 thoughts on “Majesty Lord Blaster Deck Profile

  1. Im just sayin tho that like your hand must get depleted quickly because u have no draw triggers in the deck and if ur battling say for example kagero or any other clan that can stand its vanguard ur hand is fucked i know i run majesty lord but with 6 draw and 6 critt and then 4 heal

    • If they are running a deck with the ability to retire, don’t set them up to have the ability to do it. Very few times will a deck have the required counterblasts or card in order to do what you’re suggesting, especially if you respond appropriately.

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