February 23rd, 2013 Tournament Report

This tournament marked the first one in which the cards from set 5 were legal for play. It was very exciting and there were a lot of people out. There were 20 people signed up for the tournament, and we were actually missing quite a few of our regulars. The tournament went for 5 rounds because of this, which I always find more fun. I was sporting a Majesty Lord Blaster deck, with 10 crit and 2 draw, rather than the 12 crit I posted before. So lets get into my match-ups.

Game 1: Majesty Lord vs Narukami
This game went pretty quickly. I got off Majesty Lord’s effect turn 3 in both games, putting some very heavy pressure on my opponent. He eventually let my vanguard through in both games and I got crit triggers to round it all off and take the match.

Win 2-0

Game 2: Majesty Lord vs Tsukiyomi
My opponent had some pretty rotten luck in this game. He didn’t get the grade 1 Tsukiyomi in either game. Although it did take me till turn 4 to get my effect, it then made his Silent Tom pretty much null and, again, I took the game in around turn 5-6.

Win 2-0

Game 3:Majesty Lord vs Dragonic Overlord the End
This match was actually with my teammate who I had lent my deck to for the tournament. He had never played the deck before but was doing really well regardless. Game 1 I was able to search out my Majesty using Wingal Brave. He then rode to Dragonic Overlord and swung. He drove check double Overlord the Ends, meaning the pressure was on for me. I rode my Majesty and called my Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark. I then took out his interceptors and attacked with my vanguard. He had no perfect guards, and since he was at 2 damage he felt pretty safe. I double crit, meaning he took 4 damage thanks to Majesty’s effect, winning me the game. Next game was much better. We went back and forth, with him starting to poke at my rearguards with Overlord the End since he could swing for 19k at a 9k rearguard. I held him off until I was able to push through a 1 to pass for game.

Win 2-0

Game 4:Majesty Lord vs Majesty Lord
Game 1 was really cool, as neither of us got off Majesty Lord the whole game, making it a pretty cool back and forth while trying to prevent your opponent from pulling it off. It was also funny because both of us actually started off the game without a Grade 3 in hand, but both of us were able to use Wingal Brave to fix that. Thanks to a Palamedes in the rearguard, I was able to eventually pressure him hard enough that I took the game. In game 2, he missed his Majesty Ride while I didn’t. The turn after he rode to Majesty, however, I had to take a bit of a risk. I had enough guard that 1 trigger would win him the game if I did 2 to pass. However, both of his rearguards only needed a 5k shield to guard. I opted to guard his Majesty for a 2 to pass, leaving me with enough shield to guard either both his rearguards, or one rearguard with a critical on it. This would increase the chances of healing to live if he triggered a crit. He ended up getting nothing, and I took the game on the next attack.

Win 2-0

Game 5:Majesty Lord vs Phantom Blaster Overlord
This was pretty crazy. Both games I ended up being gradestuck at 2, however in the first game through some skillful play, I was able to turn the game around and eventually won. The second game, I was very lucky as he ended up having very few rearguards, and I just kept using Blaster Blade’s effect to take them out when he did get them. Eventually I rode Majesty Lord Blaster and used his effect, securing the game for myself.

Win 2-0

Overall a very fun tournament. There were quite a few set 5 decks, but not all of them had a great win-rate. It really showed how the player behind a deck can affect its performance, as there was a definite split on the standings. It should be really interesting to see how the tournament grows in the coming weeks, as the cards become more available to people.


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