March 2nd, 2013 Tournament Report

This week I decided to mix it up a bit and play one of the new clans. I decided on Neo Nectar, as it is actually a really fun clan to play and has some great support right now. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see them grow with the future sets. So let’s get into the different matches.

Match 1 : Neo Nectar vs Majesty Lord Blaster
I was able to get my Shield Seed Squire’s effect, letting me grab the Grade 1 from deck for a free booster. I had a perfect guard in hand for when my opponent used his effect, allowing me to ward off the damage. I then got my Maiden’s effect off, letting me call 2 more cards to the rearguard, getting some more attacks in and netting me free cards. I took the game after the pressure became too much. Second game, he was able to get his vanguards effect off, but had no other cards on field. I attacked with my rearguard Frontline Valkyrie, Laurel, putting him to 4. He guarded for 2 to pass on my vanguard attack and I got a heal trigger. I put it to vanguard, as I had a Maiden in hand. I got a draw trigger and put it all to vanguard, pushing through to put him at 5 damage. I then used Maiden’s effect and got a 10k attacker and 7k booster, replacing my Frontline Valkyrie, Laurel. I then attacked with my 2 rearguard rows, costing him all the cards in his hand and on the field. On my next turn I attacked for game.

Win 2-0

Match 2 : Neo Nectar vs Dragonic Overlord the End
Game 1 I had some pretty rough luck, ending up having to let all of my rearguards die just to remain alive. It was a really incredible game though, as we ended up going to the last dregs of our decks. I let him hit with Overlord the End on purpose, knowing that my final chance was to try to deck him out. He had 4 cards left in deck, with what I was pretty sure would be 1 draw trigger left. This meant that if he attacked with his vanguard on the next turn, I could win. I had 3 cards left in deck, planning to attack with my Glass Bead Dragon at a rearguard and net a draw, but he wouldn’t let me do it. I really needed the draw just to stay alive if he attacked with his rearguards first, so I just attacked with my vanguard, hoping he would misplay and try to attack me for game, rather than passing his turn. Turned out, I should have checked my triggers, as I ended up having 1 draw trigger left in deck, decking me out. We both laughed and went onto game 2. This time, I pressured him really hard early game, taking him to 5 damage before he rode to grade 3. On the next attack, I took the game. In game 3, my opponent ended up gradestuck at grade 2. On his final turn he was able to ride to grade 3, but his twin drive was double The Ends, giving me the game on my next attack.

Win 2-1

Match 3 : Neo Nectar vs Royal Paladin
Game 1 was pretty ridiculous. My opponent double critted me twice in the same game. While I was able to guard the first one, the second one was able to push through. For game 2, I was able to beat him within the first 3 turns, using Maiden’s effect as well as hitting a stand trigger to take it. Game 3 was also quick, with him almost healing to live. However, he had taken my vanguards attack, so I was able to use her effect to refresh another of my rows, allowing me to take the game.

Win 2-1

Match 4 : Neo Nectar vs Gold Paladin
The first game was alot of fun in this one, with the game going back and forth. I was able to get two 20k rows of Frontline Valkyrie, Laurel with 8k boosters and pressure him heavily. We went for a couple more turns with both of us needing to guard for one to pass. Eventually I was able to push hard enough to take the game. Second game I was gradestuck. Fortunately I had ridden Iris Knight, giving me a 10k vangaurd. I was actually able to put some really decent pressure on him and thought I might be able to take the game without getting to grade 3. Unfortunately, I had to take one of his Charjgal booster Garmore attacks and he got a critical for the game. Game 3, he ended up gradestuck. He wasn’t able to recover before I had pressured him to the point that I took the game.

Win 2-1

Was a really fun tournament and I was really happy that I got to test Neo Nectar against such a diverse line-up. It was also really cool to get to play against all the different powerhouse decks and see how the deck matched up. I really can’t wait to see this deck continues evolving, as it is a really interesting clan with a lot to offer when played right.


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