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Phantom Blaster Overlord Deck Profile

Shadow Paladins have undergone some recent changes. With the release of a crossride, a 12k attacker, a new crit trigger, the deck finally has a more complete feeling to it. It still suffers from the same short comings as before, what with not really having any strong vanguard effects to take advantage of. However, their rearguards still more than make up for it and they should be seeing an increase in popularity because of it. Saying all that, let’s get into how I build Overlord Shadows:

Phantom Blaster OverlordGrade 0:
1 x Fullbau
4 x Abyss Freezer
4 x Abyss Healer
4 x Death Feather Eagle
4 x Grim Reaper

Grade 1:
4 x Blaster Javelin
4 x Black Sage, Charon
4 x Dark Shield, Mac Lir
2 x Nightmare Painter

Grade 2:
2 x Darkness Maiden, Macha
3 x Skull Witch, Nemain
2 x Blaster Dark
4 x Knight of Nullity, Masquerade

Grade 3:
4 x Phantom Blaster Dragon
4 x Phantom Blaster Overlord

Nightmare PainterFor the grade 0 line-up, we are finally able to swap out that old stand trigger for a new crit trigger. This adds that extra pressure the deck was lacking and fills out that trigger line-up. Fullbau is still our only choice for a starting vanguard, but is still really strong, especially now that those 6k boosters have some added support in the grade 2 line-up.

The grade 1 line-up is very basic except for one card. As usual, you have the 4 8k boosters, the 4 Blaster Javelin, and the 4 Perfect Guards. But making an appearance is a new card, Nightmare Painter. I love Nightmare Painter in this deck. He works extremely well in two ways. He can either fix it when you missride, getting that Phantom Blaster Dragon to soul, or he can get you to that 13k vangaurd one turn earlier than usual. He also combos really well with Macha, as she can call him from deck for his skill. Nightmare Painter is a real powerhouse in this deck, adding consistency to the crossride.

Knight of Nullity, MasqueradeThe grade 2 line-up has a little more diversity to it. I really do like Nemain at 3, although she does cause some unique issues that weren’t there before (Overlord the End). I like Macha at 2, as once you have a full backrow her skill definitely becomes much less useful. Keeping her at 2 allows you to keep the consistency of getting her, but reduces the chances of drawing her late. Blaster Dark is only needed at 2 to provide consistency in having one in deck for Fullbau’s skill. The line-up is then rounded out by perhaps the most important card in the deck, Knight of Nullity, Masquerade. With all the strong effect rearguards, Shadow Paladins just don’t have the room to fit in those 10k grade 2’s, leaving Masquerade as your only way to hit 18k. This makes him really important to your deck, so keep him on the field if it’s not too costly.

The grade 3 line-up doesn’t have much flexibility. Since you need to have a Phantom Blaster Dragon in soul to activate Phantom Blaster Overlords +2000, running 4 is the best way to make sure that that happens. Since Phantom Blaster Overlord is your main ride, you also need to run 4 of him, to make sure you get him to hand.

Overall, the deck has extremely supportive rearguards that have strong effects and others that are able to easily hit numbers. Unfortunately, while they have very strong rearguards, the thing that Shadow Paladins lack right now is a strong vanguard effect. While the pieces to greatness are all there, their vanguards are overall lacking. Phantom Blaster Overlord doesn’t have a skill really, as he is just too counterblast heavy for this particular deck. Even with that, this deck still remains a powerhouse, due to strong reargurds and their 13k vanguard.


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