March 9th, 2013 Tournament Report

Today I decided to go back to an older deck that was gotten some love in the new set, Tsukiyomi. I played the 4 Grade 3 build I posted last time, with a few variations due to the cards that are now available, such as the extra crit they are now able to run. The deck treated me pretty well overall, with only a little hiccup outside my control. I would definitely recommend Tsukiyomi to anyone looking for a deck that has a high risk-reward system for skilled play.

Match 1 Tsukiyomi vs Shadow Paladin
This Match was a pretty smooth one. I got my ride chain off really nicely and was able to take control. I ended the game once I reached my stack. Game 2, I was able to retain control, but my trigger stack was really luckluster. My opponent was able to defend until I would deck out. In game 3, I was able to keep control again. This time though, my opponent wasn’t able to hold me off until the trigger stack and I won the game.

Win 2-1

Match 2 Tsukiyomi vs Majesty Lord Blaster
These games were actually really good and really well played by both sides. What it came down to in the end is the fact that he was just triggering that much better than me. I was able to force one game out of him before he took the match through overwhelming triggers.

Lose 1-2

Match 3 Tsukiyomi vs Dragonic Overlord the End
This game was rather quick. My opponent was unable to make it past my defences in either of the games and I took the games.

Win 2-0

Match 4 Tsukiyomi vs Great Nature
These games were pretty stressful. I didn’t get the grade 1 Tsukiyomi in soul for the first two games, making it so I had to play at a disadvantage in those two. I was able to take the first game but in the second game I wasn’t able to get a sixth in soul. I ended the game with all 4 grade 1 Tsukiyomi’s in my hand. Game 3 I missed my ride to grade 3. That’s actually not an issue in this deck, as that actually gives you a bigger stack. I rode to grade 3 on the next turn then got to my stack and took the game.

Win 2-1

It was a decent day with some good matches and some great. Tsukiyomi is a really fun deck to play. It was so much fun watching people’s faces when they thought I had lost taking my sixth damage, but I knew it was a heal trigger. Made for some really fun situations. I wouldn’t be comfortable playing Tsukiyomi in a competitive situation though, as if the deck misses it’s ride, it is a a huge disadvantage.


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