Deck Profile

Maiden Neo Nectar Deck Profile

With all the hype surrounding the new crossrides, many people have forgotten that those weren’t the only new things in the set. Also released in the set were a couple of new clans, one of which was Neo Nectar. A very interesting clan overall, they actually run a lot like Royal Paladin. They call from the deck, albeit a little more randomly and also gain power from having additional Neo Nectars on the field.

Maiden of Trailing RoseGrade 0:

1 x Shield Seed Squire
4 x Dancing Sunflower
4 x Dungan Chestnut
4 x Maiden of Morning Glory
4 x Sweet Honey

Grade 1:

4 x Corolla Dragon
4 x Lady of the Sunlight Forest
4 x Maiden of Blossom Rain
3 x Blade Seed Squire

Grade 2:

4 x Iris Knight
4 x Hey Yo Pineapple
3 x Glass Beads Dragon

Grade 3:

4 x Maiden of Trailing Rose
3 x Frontline Valkyrie, Laurel

Shield Seed SquireThe grade 0 line-up is one of those with no choices. There are only 1 each of crit, stand, heal, draw. Shield Seed Squire is actually a very strong starting vanguard, as he is able to call a free booster from deck when he hits. In other words, either your opponent is guarding a weak attack just to prevent this, or your hitting and getting a free booster. Works out very nicely.

For the grade 1 line-up, I only run 3 of the Blade Seed Squire, as that’s about what I need in order to get Shield Seed’s effect consistently. I run Lady of the Sunlight Forest as I find that these types of cards can be really important in the long run of a game. When you find yourself down a grade, these cards can help you recover before it becomes an issue.

Hey Yo PineappleFor grade 2’s, I use the power line-up that allows me to hit numbers very easily. Iris Knight is the 10k vanilla and Hey Yo Pineapple gains +3000 when you have 4 Neo Nectar units. Not other Neo Nectar Units, not Neo Nectar rearguards, units. That means he counts himself and counts the vanguard. He should always be an 11k attacker. The only one that can’t hit 18k here is Glass Beads Dragon, who can be used to draw cards by attacking rearguards if you are unable to pressure their vanguard with him.

Here is where the deck really stands out. Maiden of Trailing Rose is a strong card that uses the persona blast mechanic. When she hits, you can look at the top 5 cards to call up to 2 Neo Nectar by discarding another copy of Maiden of Trailing Rose. This can be used to fill slots, stand a row, make rows stronger. It’s a powerful ability that makes it difficult for your opponent to let the vanguard attack through. Laurel rounds off the line-up as a 12k attacker.

Neo Nectar is a strong clan that gains power from additional units on the field, while also having the ability to call units from deck. They feel a lot like what old Royal Paladin was, although the power gain also carries over into rearguards, making them a very interesting clan. They gain more of these abilities once set 8 is released and become a clan to watch for.


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