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Raizer Kaiser Deck Profile

With the release of Extra Booster One and the “new” trial deck, Nova Grappler has gotten a rather nice boost. While it is only a couple of cards that are different compared to the older builds, that is all it takes to completely change how a deck works. Due to Hi-powered Raizer Custom, the deck has some interesting plays that can completely change how you choose to attack, as well as making it much easier to hit numbers in the deck.

Asura KaiserGrade 0:
1 x Beast Deity, White Tiger
2 x The Gong
4 x Wall Boy
4 x Battleraizer
1 x Red Lightning
2 x Shining Lady
3 x Fighting Battleship, Prometheus

Grade 1:
4 x Twin Blader
4 x Tough Boy
3 x Oasis Girl
3 x Death Army Guy

Grade 2:
3 x Death Army Lady
3 x King of Sword
2 x Hi-powered Raizer Custom
2 x Magician Girl, Kirara

Grade 3:
4 x Asura Kaiser
4 x Beast Deity, Azure Dragon
1 x Death Metal Droid

Beast_Deity,_White_TigerThe grade 0 line-up is setup the way it is in order to abuse stands, but not forget the importance of criticals. You are actually able to send the stands back to deck and still benefit from doing so, thanks to Hi-powered Raizer Custom. Although it costs you a 10k shield in hand, it also costs him an extra card from hand if used properly. I like to use 2 draw in this deck as a timely draw in Nova Grappler can give them a really unexpected boost.

Grade 1’s are pretty straight forward, with the only new addition being Oasis Girl. Since she requires a single counterblast to get +1k power, she can work to your advantage in a variety of situation. You can make her push for game with multiple counterblasts, hit numbers with a single counterblast, provide pressure. She is a very versatile card.

Hi-powered Raizer CustomIn the grade 2 line-up, your goal isn’t really to hit numbers like it is in other clans, but to make sure you’re able to hit the various vanguards. Since you’re able to stand easily, as long as you’re able to hit the opponents vanguard multiple times to force multiple cards from your opponents hand. Raizer Custom allows you to hit for the proper numbers, as well as push for game while needed. Kirara gets cards to your hand, or force cards from your opponents hand to prevent it, a win-win situation for Nova Grappler.

The grade 3 line-up is again very standard, with 4 Asura Kaiser and 4 Azure Dragon. However, rather then needing to using a throwaway grade 3, you are able to use Death Metal Droid, a grade 3 strong enough to hit crossrides when needed, while also able to hit strong numbers against 10k and 11k vanguards.

The deck has gotten an increase in the consistency of their numbers, while still keeping the same playstyle as they had before. By pressuring your opponent through multiple attacks, you force them to use more cards in their hand than usual, weakening their defences. As long as you keep the pressure on, your opponent will eventually crumble.


2 thoughts on “Raizer Kaiser Deck Profile

  1. Love the new look at the NG deck, but I love running brutal jack in my decks. Is there a card that could be taken out for brutal jack, or do you think it would ruin the deck? The deck does not look to counter blast heavy at the moment, so that probably would not be an issue.

    • you could technically drop the king of sword for them or maybe the raizer customs but it’ll eat up pretty much all of your Counter blast.

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