Draft Tournament Booster Set 8

Firstly, just wanted to apologize to everyone for my long absence. Had some things going on in life that interfered with updating the site regularly. I didn’t feel it was fair to update here and there, so I’ve been waiting for it to calm down so that I could start up a regular schedule once again. Well, here it is, so lets get this going.

As many of you got to experience this weekend, it was the Pre-release for set 8 this weekend. This set has been met with many mixed reviews. Some are really excited for it, as it expands on some popular archetypes like Neo Nectar and Tachikaze, while also releasing new ones, such as Aqua Force. Some people aren’t as excited, as the set really has nothing for those looking to expand on many of the other decks. That being said, I am really excited for this set. Neo Nectar has been one of my favorite decks, as it has a lot of Tutoring and ways to get card advantage, while remaining abusive and powerful.

For this Booster Draft, Bushiroad changed the rules from the previous ones. All packs from set 6 on have only 1 trigger per pack, meaning that they could change how people select cards. This time around, When you opened the pack, you could take the trigger in the pack, as well as 1 other card. This meant that everyone in the Booster Draft had the same number of triggers, allowing for less experienced players to do well, as they wouldn’t need to worry about the balance of their deck as much as you needed to in set 5.

I really liked these changes, as while it removed some of the challenge in making a deck in a booster draft, it evened the playing field. I knew some players from the previous booster drafts who ended up with little to no triggers, giving them no chance to win. On the flip side, I also knew people that ended up with 4 heal triggers, as people were forced to pass on them in order to keep their deck ratios correct. This caused a skew in power for these events, as it meant that players without triggers had lost before it had begun, and the ones with lots of triggers while maintaining proper ratios were at a severe advantage.

That being said, it was a pretty good day. I ended up going 3-2, with 1 of my losses being through deckouts in both games. That one only bugged me cause both times the trigger was the last card in my deck, and if I had gotten the trigger, I would’ve won the game. I did however get a mat despite this, and there was plenty of prize handed out to everyone. I ended the day with some trading, and was able to leave with an almost complete Arboros, Musketeer, and Daiyusha deck. Was also able to help one of my friends along with his Aqua Force deck, although he still has a lot more to get.


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