Team Tournament Qualifiers

Last week was the Qualifiers for the Team Tournament at my Locals. My team did extremely well, netting ourselves an invitation with only one team really standing in our way. We really should’ve beaten them, but sometimes that’s just how the game goes in Vanguard. My team consisted of two very strong players who I have played with throughout my Vanguard time, and we are really excited at being able to go to the Regional Qualifiers in Montreal.

The decks that each of us played were as follows

Dan Ly : Phantom Blaster Overlord

Darcy Noonan : Alfred Royal Paladin

Samantha Sharkey : Soulless Oracle Think Tank

We were really happy with our setup as none of us are really a fan of Overlord the End and his drastic effect on the state of the game. We wanted to play decks that would showcase each of our skills, while still allowing ourselves and our opponents to enjoy the game.

How about all of you? Will I be seeing any of you in Montreal?


7 thoughts on “Team Tournament Qualifiers

    • Unfortunately as far as I know, the tournaments are not available in Korea at this time. Don’t let that stop you from setting up you own team tournaments for fun though!

  1. Those are good decks, DOTE is not even scary xDD

    It was devastating in a time where 12k attackers did not exist. Right now has an influx of 12k attackers making 18k lines easy

    • DOtE is still a very, very strong deck. The amount of pressure he provides, the rows he can create as well as his ability to disrupt his opponents rows make him very scary. You are right though, he was much scarier before set 6 and ownwards in Japan, we are lucky we didn’t have to go through that here.

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