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Arboros Neo Nectar Deck Profile

With the release of set 8, Neo Nectar has finally gotten rounded out and has a couple more builds available to it. The one that has seen the most hype is the Arboros Dragon, Sephirot build. With the ability to call specific units from deck as well as getting power when there are multiple units of the same name on the field. This makes the deck have a very Royal Paladin like feel, while still remaining fresh.

Arboros Dragon, Sephirot EnglishGrade 0:
1 x Arboros Dragon, Ratoon
4 x Chestnut Bullet
4 x Knight Queen Musketeer, Daniel
2 x Dancing Sunflower
2 x Four Leaf Fairy
2 x Sweet Honey
2 x Hibiscus Musketeer, Hanah

Grade 1:
4 x Corolla Dragon
4 x Maiden of Blossom Rain
4 x Arboros Dragon, Branch
3 x Caramel Popcorn

Grade 2:
4 x Arboros Dragon, Timber
4 x Maiden of Rainbow Wood
3 x Glass Beads Dragon

Grade 3:
4 x Arboros Dragon, Sephirot
3 x Maiden of Trailing Rose

Arboros Dragon, RattonFor the Grade 0 line-up, this deck is meant to push your opponent as hard as possible, meaning that running as many crit as you can is essential. The draw triggers are in there due to the fact that Neo-Nectar still hasn’t been given the option to run 12 crit. The starter you want to run is most definitely the Ride Chain starter. If you get your ride chain off, you get to clone your rearguards, allowing you to hit for bigger numbers.

The Grade 1 line-up it’s pretty straight forward. You need as much power as possible, making Caramel Popcorn a strong choice. With it’s counterblast ability to gain 1000, paired with Arboros Dragons ability and the decks low counterblasts, Popcorn can help you to hit numbers very easily. Corolla Dragon is able to become an 11k booster when combined with Arboros, and you obviously need the 4 Branches for the ride chain. The grade 1 line-up is rounded out by 4 perfect guards.

Maiden of Rainbow WoodThis is where the deck gets interesting. The grade 2’s are setup not to be hitting as hard as possible, but to provide as much utility as you can in combination with power. Due to Arboros providing plenty of power on his own, the rearguards are able to focus on providing the deck utility in draw power. This is one of the reasons that draw triggers are unneeded, as the deck gets lots of power from their rearguard effects. The grade 2 line-up is finished up with 4 Timbers for the Ride Chain.

The grade 3 line-up is pretty straight forward. You run 4 Sephirot as it’s your main Vanguard and provides the strongest power to your deck. When you hit your ride chain with Sephirot and are able to setup your ideal field, the deck is pretty much unstoppable. Maiden of Trailing Rose is your secondary choice, as she’s an 11k attacker in the rearguard circle, while also being a strong Vanguard in her own right.

The deck thrives off of setting up your field and making smart plays in order to shift or give power to different units based on the situation. When Arboros is able to get its ride chain, the deck is incredibly hard to stop, as the amount of pressure it generates is very high. Each rearguard row is able to force large amounts of guard from your opponent, even if they are running a crossride. If you take weight of your options and make smart choices, the deck is hard to outlast.


2 thoughts on “Arboros Neo Nectar Deck Profile

  1. Have you considered combining Arboros with the “Gene” series from the previous expansion? If the Grade 3 version goes off, you end up with 2 interceptors with +3000 power each from the vanguard ability.

    • I have considered this. The problem comes due to the the limited space in the deck. You need the draw 1 cards due to their ability to use your counter blasts since so few are used. Maiden of Trailing Rose is also a superb alternate ride if you miss your ride chain or if you don’t draw Arboros. She hits numbers easily in the rearguard and hits even better numbers when Arboros is at limit break.

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