May 4th, 2013 Tournament Report

This was a pretty exciting tournament, as it was the release of the new Booster Set 8, with all the cool decks that it was introducing. However, due to the fierce competition at Game Breakers, the teams that didn’t qualify at our qualifier had headed to Montreal to earn their own invites. This meant that only the teams that had already qualified and the teams unable to put the time into traveling were there this weekend. I was playing one of the new decks, and I had a bunch of amazing games.

Game 1: Great Daiyusha vs Narukami
This game was very quick. Due to my crossride and the rows I am able to make with Daidragon, I was able to pressure my opponent. THe amount of pressure was too much for my opponent and I eventually took the game.

Win 2-0

Game 2: Great Daiyusha vs Majesty Lord
These games were amazing. They constantly went back and forth with both of us trying to keep control of the game. I took the first game due to my vanguards double crit, and she took the second game for the same reason. The third game was incredibly close. It basically came down to triggers, and I just didn’t have the luck with them in this case. I ended the game with 10 triggers still left in my deck, four of them being my heals. Really fun game, hope I get to play her more.

Lose 1-2

Game 3: Great Daiyusha vs Galactic Beast Zeal
These games were also really good. I made sure to keep my opponent constantly pressured so that he wouldn’t keep a full field. This made it so he couldn’t use Zeals effect to its full potential. Thanks to that, I was able to take the first game. The second game was the same situation, but I unfortunately didn’t have the guard to keep in the game this time. In the third game, my opponent was unable to ride past grade 0, and I took the game very quickly.

Win 2-1

Game 4: Great Daiyusha vs Aqua Force
These ones were very rough on me. I had gotten my crossride and ride chain off in all the previous matches, but this time, I only got it off once, meaning that I was at a disadvantage the whole time. My biggest issue came in game 3, however, when I saw 7 of my grade 3’s before I even rode to grade 3. I lost the turn my opponent rode to grade 3.

Lose 1-2

Overall it was a really fun tournament. The games I lost I feel confident I played to the best of my ability and I was just outplayed (and unlucky in some cases) by my opponents. I also wanted to say congratulations to all the Game Breaker’s teams, as we have 5 three man teams heading to regionals in June. I hope to see all you guys there!


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