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May 2013 Banlist Cardfight Vanguard

Bushiroad has recently come out with a revised version of their previous banlist. As expected, there have been some serious revisions in the banlist due to the fact that the intent of the list was to limit the power of decks, not outright remove them from play. Because of this, we have seen some expected changes, and some controversial changes. Lets talk a little about the expected changes first.

godhawk_ichibyoshiWingal BraveConroe

THese 3 cards were removed from the banlist entirely, meaning that the different starters a player can use no longer affect a players overall deck choice. The biggest difference will come for Tsukiyomi players, as this means that the deck can actually be run properly now, without the restrictions on their deck that made the deck completely unrunnable before this.

Eradicator, Dragonic DescendantGoddess of the Full MoonSilent Tom
Majesty Lord Blaster

These are also 4 fully expected additions / remainders on the list. Dragonic Descendant has been added to the list of cards restricted to 2, as counterplay against his endgame push is neigh impossible, making him one of the strongest game finishers out there. Due to his ability to stand and gain an additional critical when his first attack is blocked, the only surprise with this card is how quickly it made it was brought to 2. Silent Tom has also been removed from the list, most likely due to the fact that limiting him to 2 made Tsukiyomi completely unplayable, as you couldn’t run Tom in the deck. While Tom isn’t an overly strong card like he was back when only 10k and 11k vanguards existed, he is still a strong staple in the deck. Tsukiyomi remains on the list, most likely as an attempt to see whether having Silent Tom back and being able to run 2 copies of her will be enough for the deck to be played competitively, while not being overpowered. Majesty Lord Blaster has, of course, remained on this list. Even when we could only be ran at 1 due to Wingal Braves existence on the list, he survived and was even considered stronger by some. It will be very interesting to see how he survives in the new format.

Now for the Controversial thing I was talking about. The card that is know for being the most meta changing, deck influencing card in the game, the card that caused Bushiroad to release sets in such a weird order over here in the English Format. Dragonic Overlord the End has been brought back to 4 in a deck. I think that this is honestly just a way for Bushiroad to push their new product, as the combination of Dauntless Drive Dragon with Dragonic Overlord the End is just as bad if not worse than the ability of Dragonic Descendant. I’m extremely confident that once set 11 has had its fill and people have bought their product and played around with it some more, we will be seeing Overlord the End back on this list. With Conroe no longer being restricted and Dauntless Drive Dragon being released, even at 2 I see Dragonic Overlord the End being a card that will definitely see some play in future tournaments.

So to reiterate the following cards are the cards that have remained on the ban list. This means that you can only run 2 of these cards in a single deck (1 Majesty Lord and 1 Dragonic Descendant or 2 Majesty Lord).  As always, you may never run Barcgal as your starting vanguard.Eradicator, Dragonic DescendantGoddess of the Full Moon

Majesty Lord Blaster


3 thoughts on “May 2013 Banlist Cardfight Vanguard

  1. When you mean by they are off the banlist, does this mean that I can now put 1 wingal brave + 2 alfreds again?

    • That is correct, both Alfred and Wingal Brave are off the banlist. If you wanted, you could even have 4 Alfreds and Wingal Brave in your deck. The only cards on the banlist are Dragonic Descendant, Majesty Lord and Tsukiyomi

  2. I don’t mind seeing Majesty Lord at 2. A deck really doesn’t need 4 copies because Wingal Brave can search for him. I am surprised seeing Dragonic Overlord The End return to 4.

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