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Maelstrom Aqua Force Deck Profile

Probably the most anticipated part of set 8 was the release of the new clan Aqua Force.  With it’s ability to attack at least 4 times a turn, it was highly anticipated as a strong, very offensive deck that could force cards out of your opponents hand very quickly.  Unlike other clans, you aren’t attempting to force large amounts of guard in a turn.  You are merely aiming for one card per attack.  If you can get more that’s a bonus, but you should be aiming for one card per attack, as this will mean 4 cards or more per turn, slowly whittling down your opponents hand.

Blue Storm Dragon, MaelstromGrade 0:

1 x Officer Cadet, Erikk
4 x Enemy Seeking Seagull Soldier
4 x Dolphin Soldier of High Speed Raids
4 x Pyroxene Communications Sea Otter Soldier
4 x Medical Officer of the Rainbow Elixir

Grade 1:

3 x Battle Siren, Dorothea
3 x Tear Knight, Cyprus
4 x Emerald Shield, Paschal
4 x Tear Knight, Theo

Grade 2:

4 x Tear Knight, Valeria
4 x Tear Knight, Lazarus
3 x Storm Rider, Basil

Grade 3:

4 x Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom
4 x Storm Rider, Diamantes

Officer Cadet, ErikkFor the grade 0 lineup, I went with an offensive build in order to exploit the rearguard effects as much as possible. 8 stands allow me to hit my opponent multiple times in the same turn, and with Valeria, I am able to give almost as much pressure as attacking with Maelstrom itself. Officer Cadet, Erikk is my choice as the starting vanguard, allowing you to search for a grade 3 from your deck. With both Maelstrom and Diamantes needing to be on the field, he’s a mainstay. He becomes even more important in set 9, when Glory Maelstrom comes out, as well as whenever we see Water General of Wave-like Spirals, Benedict.

In the grade 1 line-up, it’s extremely straightforward. Dorothea, the 10k booster in the deck, is extremely easy to set up for success. I use 4 8k boosters and 4 perfect guards. Then I run 3 of the 7k, counterblast one for +1k to round off the lineup. Like I said, really straight forward lineup built mostly for power. The boosters aren’t as important in an Aqua Force deck.

Storm Rider, BasilGrade 2’s I run a little differently than some people choose. I run only 3 Storm Rider, Basil, as while necessary, he can be extremely detrimental to the deck if your opponent is 11k or above, which is very easy to reach these days. Valeria is very strong in this deck in combination with the 8 stands that I am running. She is also extremely strong when your opponent refuses to bring you to 4 damage, as you can still take your 4 attacks in a turn and use Valeria for the final attack, simulating the pressure that Maelstrom would have provided.

The Grade 3 lineup is very easy to construct for Aqua Force, as 4 Maelstrom is needed, with 4 Diamantes being absolutely necessary. If you try to run the deck any differently, you will find severe issues in your attempts to reach the required number of attacks for Maelstrom or Valeria. Without Diamantes, you won’t be able to give proper pressure against most decks, with only crossrides being out of your reach. Leaving yourself vulnerable to retire effects is 100% not an option in this deck.

With this deck you want to attack early, while not crippling your end game. You want one of your rows to be your attack swappers (Basil and Diamantes), with Valeria on the other side providing support. That way you always have the simulated pressure on your opponent weighing him down. By attacking early you either get early damage or force early cards out of your opponents hand. Either way with Aqua Force, it makes your job easier in the end game.


4 thoughts on “Maelstrom Aqua Force Deck Profile

  1. Would the deck change greatly with the arrival of set 9?
    And is the main vanguard from the aqua force structure deck good for this deck?

    • Navalgazer would be a lot better if you could use his effect upon hitting instead of before attacking. as for set 9 a lot of the deck can change which I personally might not run a crossride deck since you need to run so many different grade 3’s to make sure you aren’t screwed by riding it(Diamantes). I will be making a glory deck and a regular maelstrom deck and see what I like better. Navalgazer will be better once the ride break comes out since your opponent can’t just guard it unless they perfect guard or dumb a ton of cards from hand.

  2. When Bt11 come out try glory malestorm with tran-core bulid,it limits your opponent from guarding like limt break 5 cb 1 your opponent can’t guard with grade 1 and above and tran-core break ride force opponent to drop 1 card in order to guard

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