May 18th, 2013 Tournament Report

I chose to play Aqua Force today, as it is one of the newest decks introduced. Also, it is one of the most fun decks to play, with many different attack patterns and different strategies to exploit weaknesses in my opponents strategy. The only major weakness of Aqua Force is cross ride decks, which they can easily deal with for the most part.

Game 1: Aqua Force vs Narukami

This game was extremely quick. My opponent is one of the newer players that obviously is still in the process of building his deck. He seemed to run too many grade 3’s, and for the most part seemed like he only owned 1 Vermillion. I abused him with my multiple attacks until taking the game with Maelstrom both times.

Win 2-0

Game 2: Aqua Force vs Aqua Force

My opponent didn’t seem to own a single Maelstrom. He had a Hydro Hurricane and it looked like one structure deck.

Win 2-0

Game 3: Aqua Force vs Nova Gundams

This was a game with one of my friends. We never have good games. It always ends with one of us trashing the other completely, with no chance of recovery. This time it was my turn. I ended up with too many grade 3’s in the first game, and in the second game he put his first trigger to stern then pushed through. Then, when I blocked for one to pass, he triggered again.

Loss 0-2

Game 4: Aqua Force vs Granblue

This game was really fun. I had complete control over all the games, but playing against Granblue is not something you always get to do. In the game I lost, I was at 4 damage and guarded for 2 to pass. He got a draw trigger, put the power to his vanguard, then got a crit trigger and took the game.

Win 2-1

Overall not a really exciting locals this week. Interestingly enough it seems like a lot of people are being called out on the power of Dragonic Overlord the End and are starting to stop playing him. People prefer to feel like it was their effort that got them ahead of the game, and Dragonic Overlord the End doesn’t really facilitate that.


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